Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Festivities

Our community is so family friendly that sometimes, I'm amazed at all that it has to offer. On Saturday at a park, they were having a fall festival. They weren't charging but they were asking for $5 per car for a donation to help with all the expense that was involved in the evening.
The festival had a candy hunt, bounce houses, face painting, pumpkin decorating and a movie on a large blow up screen. All of that for a donation...crazy, huh?!
We started our festivities that evening at the candy hunt. They threw massive amounts of candy in a huge hay pile and let the kids dig it all out.
We didn't get as much candy as some of the more intense kids but the few pieces that we did get were guarded and appreciated by Barrett and Amelia.
Our next stop was the hill to the multiple bounce houses and blow up slides. Amelia saw the slide when we drove in to the park and got so excited. She LOVES slides and wanted to try the blow up one.
She made it all the way to the top but when she realized how far she was from the bottom, she panicked. Usually we are with her when we go down the big slides but she was all alone on this one. She sat at the top scared for a little bit until she worked up the courage to go down the slide.
She immediately wanted to go to another bounce house...HA! I think if she would have tried again then she would have been in love!
Barrett got to go in the bounce house with Amelia. She was so proud to show him all of her bouncing moves but he couldn't manage to stay on his feet.
He didn't make it the full 4 minutes that they were allowed. He enjoyed the bounce house better from the outside and in Mommy's arms.
The line for the face painting was starting to get ridiculous so I stood in line while Jason let the kids run around a little bit.
We finally made it to the front of the line and Amelia knew that she wanted the "fairy princess" face paint and that Barrett needed the "spider mask". She was so excited and did such a great job of sitting really still during her time in the face painting chair.
Barrett got a spider--the mask would have been too difficult for our little man with a short attention span.
Our last stop was the pumpkin decorating and the kids weren't really feeling it so I didn't get any pictures. It was getting late and they were ready for their bedtime routine.
The second we got home, Amelia remembered her candy that she found. She found an egg and she just knew that it had a toy inside of it. Right now she is obsessed with Shopkins, Kinder Eggs, Surprise Eggs, Blind bags and anything else that hides cheap little toys in a chocolate egg.
Her egg didn't have a toy in was filled with some green gooey creme. Cadbury eggs made some "Scream" eggs for Halloween. Even though there wasn't a toy in it, she enjoyed gobbling down every last bit of her chocolate egg.
Before bath time, we took a few selfies so we could document the face painting just one. more. time. 
 We ended the night with too much sugar in our system but with a lot of great memories with the family. The holiday seasons are so much more fun with little ones to enjoy them with. We are getting all that we can out of this Fall/Halloween season.

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