Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Our neighborhood had trick-or-treating last night and the excitement this week was building all for Halloween Eve.
Amelia wanted to be Abby Cadabby but because of all the prior events that we attended, she decided that she wanted to be something different for trick-or-treating.
A sparkly, light-up princess dress with a crown, drop down earrings, a necklace and a white fur sweater was the end result. Rapunzel with a twist.
She got to get a little dolled up...we put makeup on her eyes, cheeks and lips, perfume on her wrists, hairspray in her curls and lotion on her hands and legs. She thought she was so grown-up!
Barrett was the same 'ole sweet little lion and I could have just pinched his sweet little cheeks all night. His crazy mane was going in so many directions, I couldn't help but laugh every time he walked away.
Barrett also realized his love for suckers and candy! He walked around most of the night like the below picture...begging to get another sucker opened.
 Nannie decided to pass out candy while we walked up and down the road to get some candy from all of our neighbors. 
Most of our neighbors were out with their kids so they just put the candy bowl out on their porch and let the kids take the candy. I've never seen this before.
We finished off the night passing out candy in our driveway. Amelia started asking to go and sit with Nannie about halfway through our candy sweep so we knew that she wanted to help out.
She loved passing out candy and seeing all the costumes. Every time someone would come and say how pretty Amelia was, she would hit her dress to activate the music/lights and give them an extra handful of candy. She was beaming!

We ended the night around 7:45pm--one kid was passed ready for bed and one was determined to eat all the candy in her Halloween bag. I'll let you decided which is which.
Happy Halloween from the Conway Family. Another great night down in the books...countless more to come.

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