Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hershey's Halloween Parade

Last night was Hershey's Halloween parade and we knew that we wanted to go! Being that we had never gone to the parade before and I have heard raving reviews, we wanted to make sure that we were there a little bit early so we could get a prime parking spot and a good spot for our chairs. Jason was on call so he missed all the fun festivities.
We parked our car, put out our chairs and walked to the closest restaurant.
Dinner at Chipotle while watching traffic on Chocolate Avenue couldn't have been a better start to our fun evening. Steak bowls, salted/lime chips and chocolate milk...YUM!
After dinner, we went back to our chairs and fell hook, line and sinker for some light up swords that were being sold way over price out of a "borrowed" grocery cart.
Shortly after 7:00pm, the parade started. Amelia is in a phase where she enjoys police cars, fire trucks and ambulances so when the parade started with ALL of these, she was in heaven. We were sitting right on the curb so when they tooted their horns, she panicked. She sat through most of the service section with her hands over her ears...just in case.
Barrett on the other hand was enthralled with the lights, the horns and the sirens were right up his alley.
The rest of the parade was filled with a mixture of floats, costumes and a lot of Hershey candy. I didn't take too many pictures because I was intent on enjoying the moment without the camera.
Amelia loved standing out along the curb and collecting candy in her candy bag. Barrett was amazed with all the floats and the high school bands. We had such a fun night together...we were a little sad that Jason missed such a fun night. Our first experience with a parade was a SUCCESS!

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