Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Music Class

I'm working late tonight with work so I was able to stay home this morning and go with the kids to their weekly music class. I'm so glad that I was able to go because the kid's personalities have budded and they are turning into social butterflies. They used to just sit by me (or Nannie) because they were too shy or too little to run around but NOT anymore. They love participating to their fullest extent now that they feel a little more comfortable. HA!
Rain boots were a must this morning (Barretts are just a little too big) because of the crazy rains that we've been getting.
The kids get to play with musical toys in the beginning and then for each of the songs, they get to play sticks, shakers, drums, etc. They love being able to run around the room, chasing each other and playing some really catchy songs.
Notice Barrett in the back of this picture. Wild man was introducing himself to everyone in the class!
The drums with the cool red sticks were the favorite instrument of the day. The letter was "D" so they learned about a few types of drums and then they all got to play on their drum.
I took so many adorable videos of them in class. I love the sweet little moments together where I can experience some of these sweet moments with the kids. It was a great way to start my Wednesday morning!

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