Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving....Conway Style

Yesterday was pumpkin carving day! I had an early event that had me leaving the house before 6am (so I got to get off super early) and Jason was post-call so he spent the day napping on and off. We went to the park before dinner and then after dinner we carved pumpkins.
Amelia was so excited to be included in the process. She picked out the dragon stencil and she wanted to help every step of the way. Barrett loved picking up the pumpkin insides--the texture intrigued him but then it would gross him out at the same time. He was slinging pumpkin string and seeds everywhere. He was in heaven!
I think that this Halloween carving session went better than last year because we were a little more laid back. Messes can be cleaned up but letting the kids participate makes the memories so much greater. 
Here are our finished pumpkins--a witch riding on her broom and a dragon.
The kids loved having the back door curtains open through the night so they could run to the door and look out to see their pumpkins. As soon as they woke up this morning, I had to go and light the candle again so they could see their creations.

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