Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Painting

This weekend was filled with moments of fun but we mostly spent our time playing and enjoying the downtime together.
Saturday was filled with errands, naps and then some pumpkin painting. While the kids napped with Jason and Nannie (Jason was post-call so he was exhausted), I went to lunch with a friend. We went to Houlihan's and caught up with each other for a couple of hours. It was definitely a much needed girl afternoon!
We spent Saturday evening putting on the first layer of paint on our pumpkins.
We put the pumpkins outside of the evening so they could dry and then we were going to finish them after church on Sunday.
Sunday was the first day of fall where we were actually cold. It has been cool but Sunday was windy and in the 50s so we had to make sure to bundle up on our way to church. I snapped these two pictures of the kids, per Jason's request, right before we got out for church. Jason was on call on Sunday so he wanted to see them, since he missed seeing them before he headed to work.
We came home from church and "tried" to nap, which ended in complete chaos. Amelia refused to sleep and Barrett was woken up shortly after she ran in the room he was sleeping in.
Since the house was wide awake and no one was happy about it, especially the adults, we went and added the second layer of paint to our pumpkins.
Crafting always makes the unpleasant times a little bit better! Here are our finished pumpkins...
Teenage Mutant Turtle (Leonardo) for Barrett, a Hershey kiss and Frozen (Anna, Olaf and Elsa) for Amelia.
We spent Sunday evening playing "Honky Tonk" horse with Daddy. He got home and the kids were stuck to him like glue. They miss him so much when he works the crazy on-call schedule through the weekend.
Sunday ended with the kids getting snotty coughs and I'm hoping that it's something that doesn't hang around too long. Anytime the weather changes, the kids seem to get a little cold.
Excited for the week ahead...getting closer to our Halloween parties, parades and our candy excursions. 

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