Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Weeks...

It has been two weeks since we canceled our cable and I'm proud to say that we aren't just surviving, we are thriving. We were never big TV watchers but we loved our DVR for days that the kids napped extra long or they went to bed earlier than normal.
I think cable was a security blanket for us, in some ways, because we were scared of the unknown. We NEVER utilized the 350 channels that we had but they were there if we ever wanted to watch a channels on cross country bike racing or cross-fit competitions.
We have always had cable so taking the step to break out of our cycle, was the most difficult.

We canceled, signed up for Netflix and we're loving it! It feels so good to cut back!

It has also been two weeks (plus a few days) since we did our second round of sleep training with Amelia. We do our same bedtime routine: bath, brush her teeth, potty, books, prayers and bed.
Some nights require very little on our part, after the routine, and she is content with falling asleep with very little fight. These nights are AWESOME!
Other nights, she will scream and cry and it takes her awhile to settle down and fall asleep. She has a night light and she has a music box that has a little light on it too but she still usually complains about being scared of the dark. I hate feeling like she is scared so we try to make her feel as comfortable as she can in her room.
She usually requests the pups to be in her room and she usually is content with them laying with her.
We're still staying strong...we know consistency is key but sometimes it's SOOO hard!

It has been two weeks of story time at the Hershey Story and the kids have learned so much. They pick a topic each week and then explore it with books, songs, crafts and hands-on activities. I'm so thankful for these opportunities that the kids can participate and for a Nannie that doesn't mind having a packed schedule during the week.
In two weeks it will be Halloween and we'll be in full mode with all the holidays. The remainder of this year is going to fly by with all the fun things that we have coming up!

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