Friday, November 28, 2014

Snow Day

Last week when I was on Thanksgiving vacation, we had a fun snow day. The weather man was calling for 4-8 inches so when it started snowing, we were excited.
Amelia fell asleep on my bed while we were waiting for the snow to start. I was booking our hotel and our train tickets for our New York trip and she just fell unlike her!
This year Barrett was able to bundle up and play outside. Amelia was napping (again) when we went out so I had some good one-on-one time with my littlest love.
He loved his shovel, even though he didn't really know how to work it. He enjoyed pushing it around on our back deck.
The weather man wasn't very accurate because we didn't get anywhere close to the 4-8 inches of expected snow. When Amelia woke up from her nap, I promised her that after dinner we would go outside and play in the snow. The snow was melting and I didn't want her to miss out on building a snowman.
We bundled up and made the best snowmen that we could with the leftover snow on the deck. She was so proud of our pitiful little snowmen. How sweet does my proud little girl look?
Once we finished playing in the snow, we finished out the night playing in the tunnel. The tunnel is one of the best ways to get the biggest belly laughs from the kids. They love chasing each other around.
I think our first snow day of 2014 was a success. We're ready for a few more to come our way so we can perfect our shoveling and sledding techniques.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


*My Grandpa fell yesterday and after hours of him not answering his phone, we asked someone to go check on him. He had fallen down (who knows how long he was down) and he was really out of it. An ambulance had to take him to the hospital and he will be there for a few days until they get an idea of what's going on with him.
*The Christmas decorations went up this weekend. The next couple of weekends are packed so we had to do it before Thanksgiving. The kids LOVED helping dig out all the decorations!
*I'm on Thanksgiving break Wednesday through Friday. I'll go back to work on December 1st and I'm pretty excited. I need some downtime with the kiddos.
*Speaking of downtime...we are planning a trip to New York City this weekend. My sister, Ange, and her family will be there and we are planning on taking the train into the city to visit them and to explore around a little bit. I'm hoping that this trips surpasses any of my thoughts! 
*There was a warm stream of air that blew through Pennsylvania. It was 70 degrees and we made sure to enjoy it! We had a dinner picnic at the park until the street lights came on and it was too dark to play.
*We are suppose to get 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow so I will be making a run to the store to get some ice salt and a shovel. Not looking forward to winter!
*Barrett loves his manger, his train and his Christmas books. I snuck a picture of him playing by the tree. Notice Bazzle not too far from his side...he feeds him a lot of his snacks. HA!
*Christmas presents are bought and wrapped, Christmas cards were put in the mail this week and we have Christmas lights on our house...tis the season!
*Our new iPhones were delivered today. I can't wait to go and get them set up!  New phones make me so giddy!
*We are doing Thanksgiving this year with a couple from our LifeGroup. We're excited to open up our house for the fun festive meal. They are providing the meat and we are providing the sides.
*It's almost is this even possible?!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hurry Up Friday!

Can't wait to spend the weekend with these little cuties. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and some fun family time!!
Thanksgiving grocery shopping, a visit to Chocolate World, laundry and hanging up Christmas lights outside are just a few of the things that we will be doing!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day In The Life

1:30am: Amelia cried out for her daddy. He goes into her room to lay down beside her for five minutes.
2:00am: Amelia wakes up again crying for Jason. He's super frustrated because he has to be up early for some intense OR cases.
3:15am: We finally sleep.Eventually Amelia ended up in bed with us because Jason had two pediatric heart cases today and he couldn't sleep or let her cry it out. The sleeping struggle is real in our house.  5:15am: Jason's alarm clock goes off. He gets up, showers and is out the door by 5:30am.
6:30am: Finally decide to wake up and get out of bed. Barrett comes into our bedroom (mom got him up and out of bed) and he crawls up on the bed via the puppy stairs. I love the few morning snuggles that he gives me and then he pounces on Amelia to wake her up.
6:45am: The kids want to read a few books the second that we get in the living room. I read two books and then get up and make my lunch, get my hot cider ready and do some work emails that have popped up in my inbox.
7:05am:  Turn on DCTC on YouTube for Amelia, make the bed and get out my clothes for work.
7:11am: Jump in the shower. Blare the Contemporary Christian station on Pandora...I needed an attitude adjustment after the rough night.
7:33am: Finished getting ready. I go back out in the living room and Barrett wants to read a book. I sit down and read "At the Zoo" and when we finish that book, I gather the things that I need for work.
7:44am: Kiss the kiddos and leave for work. I wave to Amelia (Barrett didn't want to wave today) and all of her babies that are in the front window.
8:00am: Made it to work after a little bit of traffic--I thought I was going to be late.
8:10am: Drank my V8 juice and ate two hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Trying to be somewhat healthy leading up to the holidays.
8:10am-12:15pm:Typical work day. Meetings, phone calls, paperwork, etc.
12:15pm: Lunch time. PB&J sandwich, a bag of Sun Chips and an apple dipped in honey was on the menu. I scarfed down lunch because I have a lot on my to-do-list that needs done by 4pm.
2:45pm: Called our research director to talk through Amelia's lack of sleep. She said that we needed to set the rules and stick to them. Dreading tonight already!
3:31pm: Got a text from Jason saying that he had to move furniture for someone at 7pm. He will be home for dinner but then will head back out.
4:15pm: Packed up things to head home.My desk is an accurate representation for how crazy, chaotic and unorganized my day was.
4:25pm: Took the long way home so I could see the Christmas decorations that are sprinkled throughout the town.
4:40pm: Got stopped by the train so I had some quiet time before getting home.
4:42pm: Pulled into the garage. Heard the dogs barking and the kids yelling cheers of excitement the second that I turned off my car. Grabbed both the kids off of the gate, put down my things and got settled.
4:50pm: Changed out of my work clothes into some comfy pants and heard Barrett coughing. Croup has made its way back into our house...again. 
5:15pm: Mom made dinner so I put everyone's ravioli on their plates, put Barrett in his seat and get drinks for everyone. Jason is scheduled "late" so we start eating as soon as everything is ready.
5:40pm: I clean off the kids' hands and we head to the living room to play. We all decide that we want to go into Barrett's room to play with the kitchen.  
5:45pm: It's freezing in his room so I turn on his little heater. Barrett is obsessed with fans/heaters so he immediately grabs it and I have to turn it off.
6:00pm: Bath time. Both kids run to the bathroom. Amelia picks out a green bath fizzy.
6:42pm: Wrap both little ones in a towel and get out of the bath. They love their bath time, their bath fizzies and all their toys.
6:44pm: Both kids run around the house in their pajamas. Have you ever seen a dog go crazy after they get out of the bath? That's my kids every evening after bath time.
6:50pm: We turn on Barney Dance and we play with toys, dance to the music, read books and just spend time wrestling before bedtime.
7:25pm: Turn on all the fans, get a bottle ready for Barrett, turn down the lights and start getting him sleepy.
7:28pm: While Nannie is getting Barrett to sleep, I brush Amelia's teeth and have her go potty. She insists on drinking out of two Dixie cups after she brushes her teeth. We go to her room once we finish.
7:35pm: Amelia picks out two books "Firefighters and Achoo". We read the two books and play one wooden puzzle.
7:50pm: Get a text from Jason. He's on his way home. Amelia won't be asleep by the time the garage door goes up, so I keep reading her library books with her.
8:15pm: Jason gets home and heads straight to Amelia's room. Barrett is already in bed so he just comes to love on Amelia.
8:20pm: Jason leaves the room and we finish up. I rub Amelia's hair to get her sleepy and then I leave.
8:36pm: Finished putting the kids to sleep and I let the pups out, one last time, talk with Jason about his day, load the dishwasher, pick up toys and throw our dirty laundry downstairs.
9:20pm: Finally brush my teeth, turn on Netflix and lounge around for a little bit before bed.
10:01pm: I can't make it through my show so I shut off the iPad, kiss Jason (who is studying for his exam) and roll over. I'm asleep the second that my eyes shut.
3:40am: Wake up to a sick little boy and start all over again

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Frozen Birthday Fun

Sunday afternoon was Taryn's 3rd birthday party. It was Frozen themed and it was the highlight on the calendar!
We took Amelia to the store to get Taryn a birthday present and she picked the perfect gift, wrapped it and added her own personal drawing to the package before the party. She was so proud walking into the party with her gift for the birthday girl!
The girls could dress up, if they wanted, and Amelia wasn't so sure at first but as soon as she got inside, she wanted on her princess dress. Her dress is still a little big so we put it on over her clothes and she managed to do just fine.
The party had different stations...cookie decorating, ornament making, snowflake cutting and crafting. All the food was Frozen themed and it couldn't have been more cute and creative.
Barrett loved the wands (pretzel rods dipped in chocolate), Amelia loved Sven's cheese balls and the adults loved the ice cream sundae bar!
Amelia is pretty shy so when she gets with a group, she tends to be a little stand-offish until she feels comfortable with her surroundings. All of her library visits, her music classes, Sunday school and her extracurricular things, she has really blossomed. She was running all over the room with her new friends, twirling her dress and engaging in all the birthday activities.
Barrett enjoyed himself at the party too. There were a few other little boys so he had fun chasing after them and hiding under the tables that had tablecloths on them (he's really into hiding these days).
I love watching the kids get excited for fun events...they love being social butterflys!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Family Pictures: Fall 2014

Saturday morning we headed to York to see a friend's new house and to have her snap a few pictures for us that we could use for our Christmas card this year.
I love our sweet little family!
Still trying to decide which one to use for the card but I'm so glad that we got some pictures of our family at this stage.

Friday, November 14, 2014

iPhone Dump

Work this week has been ridiculously should calm down once Thanksgiving arrives.
When work is crazy, life tends to get crazy. Craziness usually results in fewer blog posts so I apologize.
Here is another random iPhone dump and update on our family:

The kids were outside on the tire swing when we picked them up from school this week. They loved every second of it...their facial expressions were priceless. 
Amelia and Barrett got tiny trees from Wal-Mart this week so they could have their own Christmas cheer in their rooms. We don't decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving but Amelia was pretty persistent that her tree needed to be decorated and placed in her room as soon as it was unloaded from the car.
Jason celebrated his 31st birthday this week and Barrett loved his birthday cake. We had to celebrate a few days before his actual birthday because of his call schedule this week but we made sure to go all out---favorite meal, cake, presents, candles. The kids really enjoyed being involved!
This weekend is pretty packed with family pictures, Thanksgiving meal with our church group and a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Fingers crossed that we get a good family picture that we can use for our Christmas card photo.

The weather has really cooled down this week. Since Pennsylvania is cold, I wanted to see what Ohio was like. Cleveland has already gotten 8 inches of snow and they have another 3 inches predicted before the beginning of next week. UGH! I'm going to need some warmer clothes!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Snapshots Of Our Life

--Last weekend when we were driving back from Cleveland, we had our first experience with snow this winter. It was snowing in Cleveland (of course) but it was also spitting snow in Hershey. Winter is moving in pretty fast this year.

--Ms. Lacey and Mr. Kevin had their baby, Kai. We had to go and visit their sweet little addition. Amelia was so excited to hold him!

--Amelia loves to be pampered. She has been needing a little bit of a trim, especially her bangs. She told me, "Mom, my hair is getting too long. My bangs are in my eyes...I need a hair cut." We tried to go to our normal salon but they were booked so we headed to the nearest Super Cuts and Amelia got her trim.

--Grandpa Great on Jason's side has been having some heart issues over the past week. He had two heart procedures last week and it was a kind of scary time. He's doing a lot better, tired and weak, but he's out of the hospital!

--Barrett is really developing into his personality. Bath time is a must after most meals because little man doesn't understand that food should only go in his mouth...not his hair, on his belly or squished in his fingers. I can't resist a clean smelling, handsome, blue-eyed little boy!
--Amelia hasn't gotten a shot since last year's flu shot so when the time rolled around for her flu shot, I was dreading it. I scheduled her appointment on a day where Jason was post-call so he could take her. He called and told me afterwards how great she proud of my brave girl!

--We try to get outside as much as possible before the ground gets covered in snow. The park is one of our favorite places to visit...I think the kid's faces say it all.
--Jason received some crappy news last week from the director of his program. Ecuador's government is under some pressure and things are as "peachy" as they have been in the past. Right now, they are saying that if anything happens to any of their patients, as a result of their surgery practices, then they could be put in prison for 1-2 years. Penn State left it up to the team but they all backed out, including Jason. They are looking into other options for them but right now nothing is scheduled.

--Sunday naps with Pinkie Pie...couldn't ask for anything more! HA
--We're still practicing our driving skills...the gas pedal is our friend, the steering wheel is not. Barrett scrunches up his face when he laughs and it is the cutest thing.
Yes, we wear helmets. Safety first with our crazy little drivers!
--We did the last of our yard work for 2014. We raked our leaves, mowed our grass and got out all of our stuff for winter. Feels so good to be done with the mower, the miracle gro and the weed-eater.

--Another day outside, getting some fresh air. Converse shoes make my baby look like a little man. I need to start finding some new colors for spring/summer.
--Anytime I'm in the kitchen, I always have two little helpers by my side. Barrett has decided that he is a big boy and anything that Amelia can do, he can too. They both love licking the bowl and the spoon after our dessert was made.
--Jason's 31st birthday is only days away, Thanksgiving is only 2weeks away, Christmas is only 7 weeks away and then we start a new year. The days seem to pass by so quickly these days.