Monday, November 3, 2014


Friday evening after work, we kissed the kids good-bye and we headed to Cleveland for some adult time. Since we are moving to Cleveland next summer, we knew we wanted to go and check out the area and find a place to call home.
We weren't just going to look through the city BUT we were going to meet up with our island besties!  This took our excitement level up a couple of notches!
We spent Friday night with Jason's grandpa and then we headed out to Cleveland after some breakfast on Saturday morning. His grandpa lives about an hour and a half from the hospital so it was a perfect stop before getting into the city.
We drove around from suburb to city, from east to west and anywhere in between that would lead us closer to finding our next home. We stopped our search around 3pm (we found two areas that we want to live...we just need to find a home) and we headed to The Great Lakes Brewery to meet up with our friends. We beat everyone to the brewery (Andy and Alissa were driving from Michigan and Frank and Jess were cleaning up after work) so we just enjoyed some time together. 
It was like we had been together for the last 3.5 years...we just picked up right were we left off at medical school graduation.
Did I mention that Andy and Alissa were POST CALL and they only slept for a couple of hours before making the drive to the city?!  True friends, right there.
We tried to soak up as much of their company as we could before everyone went their separate ways. A fun evening with them was definitely a recharge that we needed!
We spent the night at Frank and Jess's place and then we woke up bright and early for a Sunday morning breakfast with Grandpa before we went home.

We spent our drive time really connecting as husband and wife without any interruptions, we enjoyed some great company while we visited Cleveland and we realized how much we love our little munchkins. We need another weekend like this ASAP....well, at least as soon as we can coordinate everyone's work schedules again!

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