Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day In The Life

1:30am: Amelia cried out for her daddy. He goes into her room to lay down beside her for five minutes.
2:00am: Amelia wakes up again crying for Jason. He's super frustrated because he has to be up early for some intense OR cases.
3:15am: We finally sleep.Eventually Amelia ended up in bed with us because Jason had two pediatric heart cases today and he couldn't sleep or let her cry it out. The sleeping struggle is real in our house.  5:15am: Jason's alarm clock goes off. He gets up, showers and is out the door by 5:30am.
6:30am: Finally decide to wake up and get out of bed. Barrett comes into our bedroom (mom got him up and out of bed) and he crawls up on the bed via the puppy stairs. I love the few morning snuggles that he gives me and then he pounces on Amelia to wake her up.
6:45am: The kids want to read a few books the second that we get in the living room. I read two books and then get up and make my lunch, get my hot cider ready and do some work emails that have popped up in my inbox.
7:05am:  Turn on DCTC on YouTube for Amelia, make the bed and get out my clothes for work.
7:11am: Jump in the shower. Blare the Contemporary Christian station on Pandora...I needed an attitude adjustment after the rough night.
7:33am: Finished getting ready. I go back out in the living room and Barrett wants to read a book. I sit down and read "At the Zoo" and when we finish that book, I gather the things that I need for work.
7:44am: Kiss the kiddos and leave for work. I wave to Amelia (Barrett didn't want to wave today) and all of her babies that are in the front window.
8:00am: Made it to work after a little bit of traffic--I thought I was going to be late.
8:10am: Drank my V8 juice and ate two hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Trying to be somewhat healthy leading up to the holidays.
8:10am-12:15pm:Typical work day. Meetings, phone calls, paperwork, etc.
12:15pm: Lunch time. PB&J sandwich, a bag of Sun Chips and an apple dipped in honey was on the menu. I scarfed down lunch because I have a lot on my to-do-list that needs done by 4pm.
2:45pm: Called our research director to talk through Amelia's lack of sleep. She said that we needed to set the rules and stick to them. Dreading tonight already!
3:31pm: Got a text from Jason saying that he had to move furniture for someone at 7pm. He will be home for dinner but then will head back out.
4:15pm: Packed up things to head home.My desk is an accurate representation for how crazy, chaotic and unorganized my day was.
4:25pm: Took the long way home so I could see the Christmas decorations that are sprinkled throughout the town.
4:40pm: Got stopped by the train so I had some quiet time before getting home.
4:42pm: Pulled into the garage. Heard the dogs barking and the kids yelling cheers of excitement the second that I turned off my car. Grabbed both the kids off of the gate, put down my things and got settled.
4:50pm: Changed out of my work clothes into some comfy pants and heard Barrett coughing. Croup has made its way back into our house...again. 
5:15pm: Mom made dinner so I put everyone's ravioli on their plates, put Barrett in his seat and get drinks for everyone. Jason is scheduled "late" so we start eating as soon as everything is ready.
5:40pm: I clean off the kids' hands and we head to the living room to play. We all decide that we want to go into Barrett's room to play with the kitchen.  
5:45pm: It's freezing in his room so I turn on his little heater. Barrett is obsessed with fans/heaters so he immediately grabs it and I have to turn it off.
6:00pm: Bath time. Both kids run to the bathroom. Amelia picks out a green bath fizzy.
6:42pm: Wrap both little ones in a towel and get out of the bath. They love their bath time, their bath fizzies and all their toys.
6:44pm: Both kids run around the house in their pajamas. Have you ever seen a dog go crazy after they get out of the bath? That's my kids every evening after bath time.
6:50pm: We turn on Barney Dance and we play with toys, dance to the music, read books and just spend time wrestling before bedtime.
7:25pm: Turn on all the fans, get a bottle ready for Barrett, turn down the lights and start getting him sleepy.
7:28pm: While Nannie is getting Barrett to sleep, I brush Amelia's teeth and have her go potty. She insists on drinking out of two Dixie cups after she brushes her teeth. We go to her room once we finish.
7:35pm: Amelia picks out two books "Firefighters and Achoo". We read the two books and play one wooden puzzle.
7:50pm: Get a text from Jason. He's on his way home. Amelia won't be asleep by the time the garage door goes up, so I keep reading her library books with her.
8:15pm: Jason gets home and heads straight to Amelia's room. Barrett is already in bed so he just comes to love on Amelia.
8:20pm: Jason leaves the room and we finish up. I rub Amelia's hair to get her sleepy and then I leave.
8:36pm: Finished putting the kids to sleep and I let the pups out, one last time, talk with Jason about his day, load the dishwasher, pick up toys and throw our dirty laundry downstairs.
9:20pm: Finally brush my teeth, turn on Netflix and lounge around for a little bit before bed.
10:01pm: I can't make it through my show so I shut off the iPad, kiss Jason (who is studying for his exam) and roll over. I'm asleep the second that my eyes shut.
3:40am: Wake up to a sick little boy and start all over again

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