Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Frozen Birthday Fun

Sunday afternoon was Taryn's 3rd birthday party. It was Frozen themed and it was the highlight on the calendar!
We took Amelia to the store to get Taryn a birthday present and she picked the perfect gift, wrapped it and added her own personal drawing to the package before the party. She was so proud walking into the party with her gift for the birthday girl!
The girls could dress up, if they wanted, and Amelia wasn't so sure at first but as soon as she got inside, she wanted on her princess dress. Her dress is still a little big so we put it on over her clothes and she managed to do just fine.
The party had different stations...cookie decorating, ornament making, snowflake cutting and crafting. All the food was Frozen themed and it couldn't have been more cute and creative.
Barrett loved the wands (pretzel rods dipped in chocolate), Amelia loved Sven's cheese balls and the adults loved the ice cream sundae bar!
Amelia is pretty shy so when she gets with a group, she tends to be a little stand-offish until she feels comfortable with her surroundings. All of her library visits, her music classes, Sunday school and her extracurricular things, she has really blossomed. She was running all over the room with her new friends, twirling her dress and engaging in all the birthday activities.
Barrett enjoyed himself at the party too. There were a few other little boys so he had fun chasing after them and hiding under the tables that had tablecloths on them (he's really into hiding these days).
I love watching the kids get excited for fun events...they love being social butterflys!

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