Friday, November 14, 2014

iPhone Dump

Work this week has been ridiculously should calm down once Thanksgiving arrives.
When work is crazy, life tends to get crazy. Craziness usually results in fewer blog posts so I apologize.
Here is another random iPhone dump and update on our family:

The kids were outside on the tire swing when we picked them up from school this week. They loved every second of it...their facial expressions were priceless. 
Amelia and Barrett got tiny trees from Wal-Mart this week so they could have their own Christmas cheer in their rooms. We don't decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving but Amelia was pretty persistent that her tree needed to be decorated and placed in her room as soon as it was unloaded from the car.
Jason celebrated his 31st birthday this week and Barrett loved his birthday cake. We had to celebrate a few days before his actual birthday because of his call schedule this week but we made sure to go all out---favorite meal, cake, presents, candles. The kids really enjoyed being involved!
This weekend is pretty packed with family pictures, Thanksgiving meal with our church group and a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Fingers crossed that we get a good family picture that we can use for our Christmas card photo.

The weather has really cooled down this week. Since Pennsylvania is cold, I wanted to see what Ohio was like. Cleveland has already gotten 8 inches of snow and they have another 3 inches predicted before the beginning of next week. UGH! I'm going to need some warmer clothes!

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