Monday, November 10, 2014

Snapshots Of Our Life

--Last weekend when we were driving back from Cleveland, we had our first experience with snow this winter. It was snowing in Cleveland (of course) but it was also spitting snow in Hershey. Winter is moving in pretty fast this year.

--Ms. Lacey and Mr. Kevin had their baby, Kai. We had to go and visit their sweet little addition. Amelia was so excited to hold him!

--Amelia loves to be pampered. She has been needing a little bit of a trim, especially her bangs. She told me, "Mom, my hair is getting too long. My bangs are in my eyes...I need a hair cut." We tried to go to our normal salon but they were booked so we headed to the nearest Super Cuts and Amelia got her trim.

--Grandpa Great on Jason's side has been having some heart issues over the past week. He had two heart procedures last week and it was a kind of scary time. He's doing a lot better, tired and weak, but he's out of the hospital!

--Barrett is really developing into his personality. Bath time is a must after most meals because little man doesn't understand that food should only go in his mouth...not his hair, on his belly or squished in his fingers. I can't resist a clean smelling, handsome, blue-eyed little boy!
--Amelia hasn't gotten a shot since last year's flu shot so when the time rolled around for her flu shot, I was dreading it. I scheduled her appointment on a day where Jason was post-call so he could take her. He called and told me afterwards how great she proud of my brave girl!

--We try to get outside as much as possible before the ground gets covered in snow. The park is one of our favorite places to visit...I think the kid's faces say it all.
--Jason received some crappy news last week from the director of his program. Ecuador's government is under some pressure and things are as "peachy" as they have been in the past. Right now, they are saying that if anything happens to any of their patients, as a result of their surgery practices, then they could be put in prison for 1-2 years. Penn State left it up to the team but they all backed out, including Jason. They are looking into other options for them but right now nothing is scheduled.

--Sunday naps with Pinkie Pie...couldn't ask for anything more! HA
--We're still practicing our driving skills...the gas pedal is our friend, the steering wheel is not. Barrett scrunches up his face when he laughs and it is the cutest thing.
Yes, we wear helmets. Safety first with our crazy little drivers!
--We did the last of our yard work for 2014. We raked our leaves, mowed our grass and got out all of our stuff for winter. Feels so good to be done with the mower, the miracle gro and the weed-eater.

--Another day outside, getting some fresh air. Converse shoes make my baby look like a little man. I need to start finding some new colors for spring/summer.
--Anytime I'm in the kitchen, I always have two little helpers by my side. Barrett has decided that he is a big boy and anything that Amelia can do, he can too. They both love licking the bowl and the spoon after our dessert was made.
--Jason's 31st birthday is only days away, Thanksgiving is only 2weeks away, Christmas is only 7 weeks away and then we start a new year. The days seem to pass by so quickly these days.

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