Tuesday, November 25, 2014


*My Grandpa fell yesterday and after hours of him not answering his phone, we asked someone to go check on him. He had fallen down (who knows how long he was down) and he was really out of it. An ambulance had to take him to the hospital and he will be there for a few days until they get an idea of what's going on with him.
*The Christmas decorations went up this weekend. The next couple of weekends are packed so we had to do it before Thanksgiving. The kids LOVED helping dig out all the decorations!
*I'm on Thanksgiving break Wednesday through Friday. I'll go back to work on December 1st and I'm pretty excited. I need some downtime with the kiddos.
*Speaking of downtime...we are planning a trip to New York City this weekend. My sister, Ange, and her family will be there and we are planning on taking the train into the city to visit them and to explore around a little bit. I'm hoping that this trips surpasses any of my thoughts! 
*There was a warm stream of air that blew through Pennsylvania. It was 70 degrees and we made sure to enjoy it! We had a dinner picnic at the park until the street lights came on and it was too dark to play.
*We are suppose to get 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow so I will be making a run to the store to get some ice salt and a shovel. Not looking forward to winter!
*Barrett loves his manger, his train and his Christmas books. I snuck a picture of him playing by the tree. Notice Bazzle not too far from his side...he feeds him a lot of his snacks. HA!
*Christmas presents are bought and wrapped, Christmas cards were put in the mail this week and we have Christmas lights on our house...tis the season!
*Our new iPhones were delivered today. I can't wait to go and get them set up!  New phones make me so giddy!
*We are doing Thanksgiving this year with a couple from our LifeGroup. We're excited to open up our house for the fun festive meal. They are providing the meat and we are providing the sides.
*It's almost 2015....how is this even possible?!

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