Thursday, December 18, 2014

Barrett: 13,14,15 Months

13 Months: 
-You have learned to go down the stairs by yourself and you are pretty certain that you don't need any more help.
-No new teeth this month...still 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom.
-You had your first trick-or-treating experience. You found your love of Smarties and chocolate in multiple forms.
-You really starting enjoying your blanket. When you wake up, you grunt and point until we get out your blanket.
-You still really LOVE playing with hair when you want to calm down or fall asleep. You've learned to be really soft and gentle, which we all greatly appreciate.
-You say mama, dada, Mil, Ba (Bazzle), Mu (Muzzy), No
-You finally accept shoes on your feet. You no longer curl your foot up when we try to put shoes on your feet
-We've been able to successfully lower your medication that you take for acid reflex by half. Hopefully in the next month, you are weaned completely.

14 Months: 
-You beg to stand in a chair so you can watch Mommy cook or do the dishes.
-You LOVE to be in the middle of everything!
-You're so vocal. You will grunt, point, say some jumbled words and yell like a crazy man.
-You stand on the gate by the stairs when we come home from work. You cheer, yell and shake the gate until we get to the top of the stairs to pick you up.
-Amelia is your best friend. You are pretty good at keeping up with her during your daily adventures.
-You really LOVE your puppies. You want to pet them, chase them, feed them and carry them.
--You got two new teeth on November 10, 2014. Your bottom molars have popped through!You now have 8 teeth.
--You can sign more, please and finished.
--Your comprehension is amazing. You understand and act on so many commands.

15 Months: 
-You visited New York City, had your first sleepover in a hotel and experienced your first long-distance train ride.
-You had your first experience playing in the snow. You loved shoveling!

-You say more, gan (again), dow (down),

-You will now search out any sheep/lamb or goat in your book and say baaaa over and over again.
-You are teething like crazy. Your hands are always in your mouth.
-You love the Christmas tree. Pulling ornaments off and putting them "back on" is one of your favorite activities.
-You will sometimes take a nap on your Lightning McQueen couch.
-You LOVE the bath. After dinner, we'll say "you ready for a bath" and you run as fast your little legs will take you to the bathroom door.
-You like to sing songs (clap, clap, clap your hands; if you're happy and your know it; this little light of mine)
-You go to the book basket in the living room, multiple times a day, to pull out your favorite books. I love that you enjoy this quiet time by yourself to flip through your books.
-You've started making animal noises when you can identify them in your books. You know that a sheep/goat says baaa.

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