Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas...In Pajamas

Experiencing Christmas through the kids brings so much life into Christmas morning. Barrett woke up around 6am and we couldn't wait for Amelia to wake up...the wrapping paper was calling his name. We tried to get everything ready (camera, trash bag, etc) before they were both up and ready for action but the second that Amelia's eyes opened, she ran down the hall, went for the first present she could find wrapped in Frozen paper and started the unwrapping process.
I have no idea where she learned to just start digging through presents but she wasn't shy. HA!
Santa wrapped Amelia's presents in Frozen and Minnie Mouse and Barrett's presents in Cars and Spiderman. I love how easy it was for the kids to find their presents from Santa under the tree!
Jason was off, which was so nice, and we decided that we were going to stay close to home this year and enjoy our last Christmas in Hershey. It was so nice to spend a relaxing Christmas together, in our pajamas!
We showered mid-day but we just changed into a clean pair of pajamas to continue playing with all of our new toys.
Here are a few pictures of our play time...
I started thinking about Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve around 11am so I quickly rushed through the grocery store on possibly one of the busiest days of the year. NEVER AGAIN!
Needless to say....I forgot a few key ingredients. The ham turned out blah, I overcooked the rolls and the casserole is the dish that had some missing ingredients. Dinner wasn't the best but we were all together so we were trying to focus on the positives. I can't wait until we are closer to family and we can enjoy some good, family cooking.
Our last Christmas in Hershey was perfect, pajamas and all!
Merry Christmas from the Conway family!!

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