Friday, December 5, 2014

Construction & Demolition: Gingerbread Style

Last night after bath time, we build our Conway gingerbread house. Jason was scheduled late so we knew we wanted to start the project a little later so he could help when he got home...he loves making these traditions with our family.
Amelia was excited to open all the candy packages with scissors (she thinks she's an adult with scissors in her hands) and to start adding candy pieces on the soft icing.
Barrett was involved in the making of the house too...he loved licking the icing and sneaking bites off gingerbread when we weren't looking. He was so proud to have a place at the table so he could help!
Jason got home around 7pm and he jumped right in the middle of the fun. He added some fun touches to our house and to the gingerbread people!
Here is the finished product...from the front and from the top.
We put the gingerbread house up high when we went to sleep so it could dry and get hard before the kids wanted to explore and look at it anymore.
When I was walking out of the house this morning to go to work, Amelia asked to get the house down so she could look at it. I drove 15 minutes to work and when I got to work, I got this picture texted to me with the words, "Amelia said she is sorry"
Sister was trying to move the house and it fell and shattered. The pups participated, along with everyone else, in the cleanup. They got a few gumballs and mints before it could get picked up...tis the season.

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