Monday, December 8, 2014

Cookie Making With The Littles!

Since we are only 16 days away from Christmas, we decided that we needed to start baking some Christmas cookies. We decided that we would make some cookies for our neighbors. The kids are at a stage where they both want to be hands on during projects. The messes are great but the memories are greater!
We started out simple for our first batch. I bought a roll of sugar cookie dough and we rolled it out and used some Christmas cookie cutters
Once we made all of our cookies, we decorated them with colored sprinkles. I was so proud of Amelia and Barrett because they stuck in there throughout the whole ordeal! I was surprised..I'm sure sneaking bites of cookie dough helped keep them focused.
I guess I really need to learn how to make sugar cookies because the cookies were so adorable going into the oven and by the time they came out, they lost their shape and looked like blobs.
We decided that we would eat these cookies and make our neighbors another batch. I don't think the kids will mind helping out with another batch of cookies.
I love this time of year!

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