Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crayola Experience

Yesterday we loaded in the car for a short drive to the Crayola Experience. It has been our list since we moved here and yesterday seemed like the perfect day to make the drive. We thought it would be slow since it was a Tuesday and it was the day before New Years Eve.
Let me just say...everyone else within a two hour radius must have had the same idea. It was a madhouse!
Our first stop was to see how Crayola crayons are made. We made red crayons during our show that we were able to take home with us. It was so much fun seeing the history and learning how they make something that has been used in schools and homes everywhere.
The Crayola Experience is four floors and each floor focuses on different products: crayons, markers, modeling magic and then the cafe/store.
This was a huge wall that was similar to a Lite Brite and the kids loved it! 
There was also a section where we could race our Crayola boats through tunnels, channels and paths. Barrett was a little bit too short but Amelia enjoyed moving both the boats along the river.
We finished up the day with making markers, designing with modeling magic and raising Daddy and Barrett to the bottom floor.
The girls took the elevator and the boys took the stairs. The girls lost because we had to stop at every!
When we got home, Nannie and Jason wanted to go and see "Unbroken" so I got some alone time with the kiddos. We had such a great evening together!
I even got some one-on-one time with Amelia after Barrett went to sleep. We gave our self some new polish on our toe nails. Amelia was all about the purple glitter!
Another great day down in the books. It's so funny because the Crayola Factory was crazy busy and it was pretty stressful the entire time we were there but the second that we went to bed that night, we couldn't stop talking about how fun the day was and how much we loved the time together.

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