Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Days Leading Up To Christmas

Since I work for a University, I get to take advantage of breaks during all the major holidays. Our Christmas break this year is twelve days, including weekends. Amazing, right?! 
The kids had the stomach flu for about five days and the first sign of relief came from Amelia on the 23rd. She had gone 24 hours without any symptoms and she was so excited when she learned that she was going to be able to go to her Christmas party at Ms. Bs. 
We got to enjoy a yummy spread, a Christmas concert (the kids weren't really in the mood), play time with all her friends and then the gift exchange. We were sad that Barrett didn't get to go to the party but we didn't want to risk other kids getting sick.
I wasn't able to get very many pictures of the fun because she didn't stay in one place very long and when she did, she didn't want to look at the camera. Can't really say I blame her...there were so many fun things to do!
December 2014 marks the last month that the kids will be in school. We've decided that since we are moving in six months that we could really use that money for our move to Cleveland. I know that the kids are going to miss that time but I'm hoping we can still visit and find another fun activity for them to do with kids their age during the week. 
On Christmas Eve, we headed to the mall. The kids love the free Christmas carousel at Bass Pro Shops and they have a fun, indoor play world that the kids enjoy.
We left the mall by 12:30ish so the kids could get in a nap before we had to start getting everything ready for Santa. The kids had to write their letters, make some sugar cookies and get to bed in a timely manner so Santa would have time to visit.
Christmas Eve traditions, Santa tracking and bedtime stories/giggles/jitters are some of my most favorite memories!
The Conway house is ready for Christmas!!

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