Wednesday, December 17, 2014

iPhone Dump

Chocolate World is definitely at the top of our list for "things we will miss when we move away from Hershey". We visit all the time and each time we do something different when it comes to camera.
Amelia wanted to be silly...
Barrett loves to wrestle with Jason, especially when it includes some tickling. I had to get a picture of my two guys laughing and wrestling around. When Jason would stop, Barrett would sign "more". HA!
Amelia loves to get the mail from the mailbox, it's her favorite chore that she has. Christmas has taken her excitement to get the mail to a whole new level. So much fun!
Sunday morning snuggles with our family of four and a Barney show on Netflix. I love that when the kids wake up, they want to snuggle up in bed for a little bit before starting the day.

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