Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sesame Street Live

Jason requested his last vacation of his residency to be the day following Christmas and through the first of January. Groupon was offering a deal on Sesame Street Live musicals and I couldn't pass them up. Barrett LOVES Elmo and Amelia enjoys a good music show so I knew it would be a win-win. We took the kids to the afternoon show today and I'm so glad that we did.
Our seats were pretty close to the stage and everyone tried to line up the kids and adults, meaning that the adults sat behind other adults and the kids sat behind other kids. They were able to see the whole show with a great view!
Once the show came on, our little ones couldn't take their eyes off the stage. I'm pretty sure Barrett signed "more" after every song and Amelia made it a point to come over to tell Barrett that Elmo was on the stage. She was so excited to share the Elmo experience with was so sweet.
Since we were on the lower level some of the characters came up and down the aisles during certain songs. We were in the middle of a row, thank goodness, because neither one of the kids liked being so close to the characters. They both got a little panicked every time they would come down off the stage.
The show was super cute. Grover's friend was visiting from India and it focused on how people are different but we are all connected in some way, some special way. The music was upbeat and so fun! Indian music and dancing is something that makes everyone want to get up and move. I love that we get the opportunity to introduce our kids to different cultures.
Sesame Street Live was a great family afternoon! So thankful for this time with our family...going to take full advantage of our family during this time together. 

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