Wednesday, December 10, 2014


  • This little man loves to get in the shower in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. He feels so big and once he steps in, he's so proud. I had to snap a picture of my cutie!
  • Amelia needed makeup before her evening felt complete. I had just gotten some red lipstick to wear to a Christmas party and she insisted that she put that color on her lips. 
  • We had a Christmas party for Jason's work last week at the Hershey Hotel. We got a chance to get a little dressed up, have a nice dinner and spend some time just focused on each other.
  •  Part of Barrett's morning ritual is helping take Bazzle and Muzzy outside. He stands by the door, will occasionally stick his head outside and yell Baa or Muu until they come back inside.
  • Daddy was on-call (this month is only 8 days in, but it is brutal) and he needed a picture of all of us. This was the best I could do.
  • We were heading out to run some errands and to get some groceries and these two were just chatting while going down the stairs. I love to see Amelia taking care of Barrett.
  • Since the grocery store was empty (it was 7am on a Saturday), they both got to sit in the firetruck with Ernie and Bert.
  • Getting ready with the family. Jason was trimming his beard, Amelia was putting on her makeup, Barrett was rubbing a brush on his head and I was needing to get in to get some perfume. I think we need a bigger bathroom!
  • A trip to the closest Hallmark was one our agenda one night after Barrett went to sleep. I loved seeing her get excited over all the fun ornaments!
  • Blue eyed baby boys are my weaknesses. This little man is a mama's boy and I love it!
  • When daddy is on-call, we sometimes have sleepovers. Bedtime silly face pictures get sent to Jason right before bed. Amelia loves this one-on-one our conversations!
  • Waking up next to this beauty after a sleepover is one of my favorite views. So peaceful, so beautiful and I'm sooo thankful!

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