Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stomach Bug

The stomach flu decided to hit our house hard last week and it has been lingering ever since. I feel like we are making progress but we aren't out of the woods just yet.
I got a text from my mom on Thursday while I was driving back from Philadelphia (for work) and she was warning me that the kids were a little under the weather.
Friday I ended up staying home from work because they were so clingy and they both were running high fevers that I felt like I needed to be home.
They didn't act sick all the time, but when the moment hit, watch out. On Saturday, Barrett seemed to get hit a little harder than Amelia. We took Amelia out to get a few last minute Christmas gifts and she seemed to enjoy Bass Pro a little more than the other stops.
Sunday was a rest day..no church. We did a little Christmas baking and we thought that we were improving with each passing day.
Monday morning rolls around and the kids took a few steps backwards. Fevers were back, stomachs were still upset and we appetites were still no where to be found. They pretty much stopped eating Thursday evening.
My mom also started getting sick on Sunday so on Monday, she was down and out. I stayed home from work again so I could nurse the kids and Nannie back to health.
Monday was brutal. The kids were clingy, I was exhausted and I got to experience it without any help (like most other SAHM). One word...brutal!
This was our nap time....we started out in a chair, all together and exhausted.
About 45 minutes into our nap, this is how we looked. Neither one of the kids wanted to lay down in their beds or to enjoy their own space. I didn't nap...surprised?
The rest of the day was still pretty rough but by the end of the night they were moving around a little bit better. They snacked a little bit on Sunday evening but not enough to really count. Last night we played around the Christmas tree and ate chicken nuggets in bed. Anything to distract them from their sickness and encourage them to eat/drink. Four days with only fluids is too long!
Praying for our house...the stomach bug is not welcome here. Time to go! Hoping it goes away before Christmas and no one else gets it.

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