Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile

I love that I live in a house where little hands love to help cook, even super special meals, like Thanksgiving!
Early morning yawns and snuggles with Mama are definitely some of my most favorite memories with my little ones.
Rocking babies is hard work when you have so many needy little ones. Amelia is the best at dividing her attention...such a good mommy.
Favorite seats in the house are chosen at a very young age in the Conway house. Barrett has chosen the refrigerator and he runs for his seat anytime the fridge door is open.
Snuggles are a favorite thing in our house. I love to see Amelia and Barrett snuggling together playing a game or watching TV. Their relationship is pretty amazing to watch.
Morning dates to the grocery store in our pajamas with a stop at McDonalds for their sweet tea (half tea/half water). Barrett was thrilled to be out with Mama, while Amelia and Nannie stayed home.
Christmas lights on our front bushes make me so giddy. I love seeing all the houses get in the holiday spirit with their outside decorations and this year, we joined the fun.
Cho Baby needed in on the dinner so she joined us in her highchair at the table.
The advent train can be easily reached when the book basket is used as a stepping stool. Nothing in the house is safe!
As you can see....smiles are happening a lot in our house! The two Conway cuties bring so much to our life!

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