Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was filled with so many Christmas projects that I think our family is running in full Christmas mode!  We had our second night of gingerbread decorating on Saturday, after Jason got home from work. We decided to go with a gingerbread family instead of the gingerbread house so we had multiple people if we were to have another accident. 
We made 8 little gingerbread people and we loved getting creative with the icing and the sprinkles.
Here are our four that we decorated: a pirate (Ash), Santa (Jay), Amelia (Sis) and Barrett got a little hungry so his gingerbread man is missing some limbs.
Sunday morning, after church, we headed into Harrisburg to eat lunch and to paint a Christmas ornament. Each year, the kids paint an ornament and we had a free afternoon so we decided to go! Amelia picked out a penguin and Barrett got a Christmas tree.
Amelia picked out all of her colors, got her paintbrushes and started painting. Barrett loved dipping his brush in the paint and putting it on his tree. I think he would have stayed on the tree with his paintbrush but I held his hand because I didn't want him to ruin his clothes. 
Here are the ornaments that we left for them to throw in the kiln. I'll go and pick up the finished products on Saturday and then we can add them to our tree!
We left the painting store and we headed to our town's square. The town we live in is always doing fun things for the kids and I'm so glad that we participate in the festivities.
Each of the stores in the square were offering free activities for the kids, there was a DJ blaring Christmas music and Santa was there to talk to all the kids.
Our little ones decorated a gingerbread man, made a sock puppet and talked to Santa. There were a few other things to do but we were past naptime and we needed to get home shortly after we saw Santa (see picture below).
Santa seemed really neat from afar but the closer we got to his tent, the more the nervousness set in. Both kids were hysterical so I sat on Santa's knee so we could get a picture with the man in red.
There is another Santa at Hershey's Chocolate World so after our first episode, I feel like we should give Santa another chance. I'm not sure how it will turn out but I've been preparing Amelia for the visit.
Two more weekends until Christmas...so many more memories to make!

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