Friday, January 30, 2015

Bubbles And Dancing....Just Our Week

We've had some busy, crazy and interesting few days this week. We got snow on two days, one of which resulted in a snow day; some long (14-16 hour) work days; a few early mornings and one late night, which resulted in Daddy taking Amelia to dance class. We are ready for the weekend...TGIF!
Here are some pictures of our week...
Bubbling blowing with Bear
Morning chores, which include multiple breakfast times for Bazzle. This is one of the reasons why Bazzle is gaining weight. Barrett loves to help and Bazzle loves to eat!
Hugs, every morning, regardless of how early it is. The first thing they do, when they both wake up, is hug. It's the sweetest thing!
Coloring inside the lines. This is the first time that Amelia has tried to keep inside the lines and I was so impressed. I love these pictures that are hanging on our display wall!
Dancing the Thursday night away. I had a LONG night at work so I wasn't home to get Amelia to her dance class so Jason had to fly solo. Talk about major mommy guilt...UGH!
Notice the socks with the shoes...oh my. Daddy didn't know she was suppose to take her socks off when she put on her ballet and tap shoes.
White socks and girl is the prettiest little dance I've ever seen!

I'm working from home today because the IT department is resetting our servers and internet might be a little sketchy so that means I can spend some extra time with the kids before the weekend starts. Once 5pm rolls around...our weekend has arrived. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Day: First Of 2015

Monday afternoon and into Tuesday morning, we were hit with another storm. They were calling for a much larger amount than we actually received but our school closed and I got a snow day with the kids. I had to head into work (before they canceled) and our roads hadn't been plowed yet.
Tuesday (the snow day) was library day. I love to go with them to the library because they enjoy showing me all the books and the train table. They had story-time so I got to meet Ms. Ellen and learn all about bears. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire time...watching them interact with other kids, learning about bears and constantly turn around to see if I was watching them was too much sweetness for this mama to handle. I didn't get any pictures of them during story!

Before we headed to the library, I wanted to clean the house. I vacuumed the house, did laundry and tried to straighten up. While we were cleaning, Bazzle and Muzzy were sleeping. They don't get much blog love anymore so I had to get a picture. YES, Bazzle has gained weight. He has a new little friend, named Barrett, that loves to share his food.
We finished off the second half of the day with a nap, some fun selfie action, dinner, bath and a finger puppet craft.
I love being home with the little ones, especially when it's unexpected. They are so much fun right now and I love interacting with them and their sweet imaginations.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Move Update: January

Life is going to get crazy in the upcoming months and I want to document the good, bad and the ugly of moving to another state for the last chapter of our medical training journey. 

We met with a realtor one evening this month, so when March rolls around we can list our house. He was impressed with our neutral walls and the feel of our house. Our house isn't extravagant but I think we do a good job of cleaning, organizing and keeping the clutter to a minimum. After talking with him, we decided that we didn't want to try and sell it outright but that we would work with him and his company, For Sale By Owner Plus. The commission isn't crazy but we would still be able to get our house marketed to the public.The house will officially be on the market mid-March.

Since we are putting the house on the market in March, we have a few small projects that we want to complete. We want to touch up some rooms and repaint the bathrooms, trim, banister and handrails. We need to go through the kitchen and pack away the items that aren't necessities so that our cabinets look spacious and then we need to do a deep clean throughout the house. I've already organized the closets, so I have just a few more areas and then we'll be done de-cluttering.

Jason has about 10 things, out of the original 30 that was given to him, to complete before all of his paperwork for the Cleveland Clinic is ready to be reviewed. Some of the items will get completed when we go back to Cleveland to look for a place to live this spring. I think we'll both be relieved when all of that is completed.

I'm still talking to my supervisor about my position. I know that I won't get to keep the same job because I'll be in another state but I do think there are some projects that I could work on while I'm in Cleveland. Right now, he seems to agree with me. I'm hoping that everything works out and that I can keep my job for the year we are there...a steady paycheck, not having to search for work and being able to keep all my sick/vacation/personal days seem too good to be true.

We have two residents that want to look at the house the end of February, right before we put it on the market, to see if it would be a good fit for them. I know that our house will go to the perfect will be a bittersweet day when we move.

Since we are moving around June 12th and Jason doesn't start in Cleveland until July 1st, we are planning a trip to Missouri for a week. Jason will have to study for his boards but he'll have evenings and weekends to enjoy with family. Not sure on the exact dates but just knowing this, is motivating to get through these next couple of months.

More will be happening in the upcoming months, but these are things that are currently going on.
Life is about to get interesting!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Now that January is almost over, the weather has decided to get cold and bring snow our way. Friday afternoon the snow rolled into town, dropped about 3 inches and then stayed friggin' freeze!
 After we shoveled, we made our first snowman of 2015. The snow took us off guard so we didn't have proper snowman accessories. We are better prepared more rocks and wonky branches!
Most of our Saturday was spent inside with the kiddos. Barrett is now into kisses and pizza...HA!
We spent nap time downstairs watching Star Wars. Barrett made it about two minutes into the movie and we had to threaten Amelia multiple times that we were going to turn it off if she didn't rest her eyes. I think she made it about an hour into the movie and she LOVED every second of it!
Once we woke up from our nap, the sun was shining so bright that we decided to get out of the house. We all needed some fresh air and the sun had melted a lot of the snow around the neighborhood. Walks are our family's does something fierce to our moods! Amelia loved crunching through the snow, with her hat in her hand.
We finished out our Saturday with leftovers and preparing for the next winter storm.
Sunday we went to church, came back home so the kids could nap and then went back to church to help them move some furniture. Our church is remodeling and they needed some help with sound stage. We left church and realized the kiddos were still sleeping, so we went out on a quick movie date. Sometimes impromptu dates are the best!
Our weekend was pretty low-key due to the weather. It's a new week and we have a few more winter storms blowing our way so I'm curious to see how our week pans out.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Smiles, Tights and Tutus

On Thursday, Amelia went to her first dance class. She's been asking to go to dance for awhile now but most places have an age requirement of 3 years old. Since she's less than a month away from 3, I started doing some research for ballet classes. She was pretty adamant that she wore a tutu!
We really wanted to find a place that teaches dance but that also makes it fun and relaxed. After some referrals, I'm pretty sure that we found the perfect fit for Amelia.
She was so excited on Thursday--she has waited for this day for weeks!!
This is the best picture I could get...she was so excited to show off her tutu. 
I was a little nervous when we got there because she seemed a little shy and reserved but once the class filled up with other little girls in tutus, my girl was in heaven.
The teacher is awesome, energetic and Amelia really responded well to her direction. I was so proud to watch her dance!
They worked on ballet moves, tap moves and then had some time to do freestyle. Amelia was all smiles, and giggles, the entire time! I'm excited to see her learn more moves, gain her confidence and see how many tutus she can collect over the next few months!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Laughing Out Loud

Just in case you need a laugh today. The kids are at such a fun age...they are constantly doing things that make us stop and laugh. Thought you might enjoy....

Amelia was in the bathtub the other night and said "This bathtub is going to be so heavy when we have to move it to Cleveland" I love how she is always thinking!

Barrett has developed a routine each evening where he will tug on Jason's shoes until he removes them and then he proceeds to pull on his socks until they are off his feet. He gets so aggravated with Jason's socks that he is grunting, groaning and tugging until his sock loosens and he falls on his bottom. This happens every night that Jason is home.

Amelia and Nannie watch The Price is Right some days and anytime that anyone has the option to win a car, the two girls scream. Well, one day a woman had the option to win a hatchback car (apparently it looked like a van). Nannie started screaming and Amelia didn't. She looked at Nannie and said, "We don't cheer if they win a van. We only cheer if they win a car."

With Amelia's birthday party next month, we bought her a little calendar from the Dollar Tree that she can see how close her birthday is getting. She marks off the calendar square each day and she gets so excited and says, "My birthday is getting so close. I'm getting so excited." as she proceeds to cheer and hop around the house. 

Amelia has learned the "stink eye" know that look that you give something or someone when you aren't happy? She'll squint her eyes and get a stern look on her face (while trying not to laugh) and then she'll run over and touch her squinty eye on her arm and say "I gave you the stink eye". She is so literal that she thinks when you give someone the stink eye, that you have to touch them with it. This is her "stink eye" face...HA!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Weekend...In Bullet Points

  • On Friday night, we took the kids to Red Robin. Their fries and their milkshakes have my kids begging to go there. The adults don't really seem to mind either. HA!
  • The Toys R Us in Harrisburg is going out of business so everything that they have is on sale. I stopped by there to see what they had and everything was marked down 70-80%. Amelia is big into "blind bags" (bags that have a theme but it's a surprise which character she'll get) and they had some new ones that I thought we could try. They are called trashies and they are all germ themed. She gets these when she sleeps in her bed all night.
  • We cleaned the house...the amount of salt and pebbles from the snow/ice was driving me crazy. Barrett is at a fun age where he wants to help and be involved in chores and tasks. He loved cleaning the floors and I thought he looked adorable in his pajamas.
  • We took a lot of baths because the 24-hour stomach bug decided to hit our house again. Poor Amelia can't seem to catch a break this winter.
  • I had off on Monday for MLK and we were going a little stir crazy. We went to the grocery store for a few things. Amelia loved pushing the cart around the store. It's crazy to think she's tall enough to push the small carts around AND not hit anything.
  • We also had to wash a few blankets and our comforter so we had to take them to the laundry mat. The last time I tried to wash our comforter in our washer, it wasn't pretty. While we waited for it to finish, we stopped to get a biscuit with cheese from McDonalds.
  • We ended Monday night with a yummy dinner, some cleaning/organizing and playing in the bean sensory box. Barrett loves his beans but he refuses to sit beside it. HA!
  • I did a lot of cleaning/organizing because we have a realtor coming to look at the house this week to see what we need to do to get the house ready to sell. The move is getting closer.

Monday, January 12, 2015

iPhone Dump

*Amelia was dressed head-to-toe in glamor one morning. Braid in her hair, earrings, a ring, a princess dress and makeup. She was pretty adamant about her look .....all before 7:30am.
*We allow the kids to eat suckers occasionally but we almost always make them eat them in the bath because of how messy they can be. Barrett had a blue sucker the other day. See why we make them eat them in the bath?
*Amelia had a class at the library on Saturday and it focused on Health and Safety. She loves being around other kids and she is always eager to learn. She started out in the back of the room with the other kids...
and then she slowly inched her way to the front during the story. She kept raising her hand and responding "I do" when asked who eats vegetables and fruits, who wears a helmet while wearing a bike and how plays in the street with cars. There were moments that I wanted to curl up in a ball, but God love her, she is my child. Eager to learn and eager to please.
She was so proud to get a new book about police officers and to ride the elevator. Sweet little lady!

*Saturday night, mom and myself, were invited to a Pampered Chef party. Jason was post-call and we needed some girl time so we left the kiddos with Jason. We were all worried that the kids would be a nightmare. Neither one had napped and Barrett was so sick but when we got home, this is what we saw.
*I'm reading this book and it's so good. I might have to re-read it to really have the words soak in but I can relate (good and bad) to every chapter in this book. I think it's a must read!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snow Adventures

Yesterday morning, it started snowing. We haven't had very much snow this winter, at least compared to last year, so we are still excited when the white stuff starts falling from the sky.
I left work a little early so I could get home to play in the snow with the kiddos before the sun went down. Bundling them up for the weather was a little time consuming but it was all worth it when they stepped outside. They loved it!!
We got out our sled and Barrett was permanently planted in it...he loved being dragged around.
We lasted outside long enough to shovel the sidewalks/driveway and to make a couple of trips down the hill in the sled and then it was time to go in and thaw out.
I think overall we only got 1.5-2 inches of snow but we didn't care because it was snow. The snow was too light and fluffy to make a snowman so we just made angels and played on the sled. The kids were a little bummed when they woke up this morning and saw most of the snow gone and a thin layer of ice on everything.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just A Little Scare

Life has been so great lately but we've also been right in the middle of some scary medical stuff too. Jason's attending was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and two months later, she passed away. Young, two young boys and taken away entirely too soon. I think this death really spurred the people that she worked with to care about their health a little bit more.
While we were on vacation, Jason decided to schedule a routine physical (it's been close to 8 years) and while they were talking, the doctor noticed his big toe. 
Jason has had something wrong with his big toe (some sort of fungus or something) for awhile but the medicine to fix the infection can be rough on your liver. Blood work is required to follow liver function throughout the treatment. Jason was pretty serious about getting it cleared up, so he got his first labs. He would need blood work every month after, until the medication was gone.
His first set of blood work (without having started the medicine) showed that his liver enzymes were higher than normal. Cue slight freak out.
He started analyzing each of the tests and trying to figure out what could cause his high levels.
The doctor called while he was working and said wanted to do another panel, another set of blood work, as well as an ultrasound of his liver. WHAT?! 
Oh...and did I mention that Jason told me about the second set of tests via text at 2am this morning? He was on call and I couldn't sleep so I texted him. I was expecting to just have small talk but he dropped the bomb on me. I was wide awake, crying, praying, tossing and turning.
I finally decided to go and get the kids. I needed to snuggle. I needed to have my kids by my side. They are good for my good!

Fast forward to 7:30am.
Jason walks in the house and says that he got his second blood panel and the results should be back today. He scheduled his ultrasound for Friday morning, before he goes into work. We talked through some things, we prayed and I headed to work.
His blood work was in by noon and everything came back normal. Praise the LORD!
The ultrasound is still scheduled so we are still praying that that comes with no concern.

Prayers for his ultrasound would be appreciated.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Last Days Of Vacation

The last few days of our vacation were a little more relaxed. We stayed close to home, took naps, watched movies and tried to enjoy each other as much as possible. We bit the bullet and finally gave in to Chuck E Cheese. Amelia has been asking to go for awhile and since the weather is so cold, we thought they would enjoy some room to run around and play some games.
Barrett was overdue for a nap, so he was cranky. I'm pretty sure that I held him the entire time.
Amelia loved all the games but the rides took most of our tokens. The adults might have snuck a few tokens for Skee Ball..HA!
The weather has been pretty warm for this time of year (40s) so when there was a day with sun in the forecast and we bundled up and headed to the nearest walking trail. Amelia insisted on pushing one of her was pretty sweet!
We went to breakfast at one of our favorite diners, which led to a jelly stacking competition. Amelia took the gold with 14 jelly containers.
We had a Star Wars marathon (actually only movies 3 and 4) and the kids crashed long and hard! They took over most of the couch in the basement and I had to snap a picture.
We made brownies with the help of two little ones (clothing was removed because they were eating more batter than they were mixing)
We went to Chocolate World before the Christmas decorations were removed and made silly faces (Amelia's request) in front of the Christmas tree and then went on the tour ride and squished in the front seat so Amelia could be "by herself" in the back seat.
Snuggled and explored on any cell phone that Barrett could find. He has no figured out how to open them, find the app that he wants to play but that dang home button is too tempting so most of his games end shortly after they open.
We finished out our vacation watching Daddy Daycare, eating fruit chews and playing basketball in the house. I thought that after 12 days of being home I would have been ready to go back but last night when I was getting things ready for today, I was dreading it.
It was so nice to function as a normal family: cook dinners together, have help around the house and to have conversation throughout the day.
Our last days of 2014 were definitely some of the best!