Friday, January 30, 2015

Bubbles And Dancing....Just Our Week

We've had some busy, crazy and interesting few days this week. We got snow on two days, one of which resulted in a snow day; some long (14-16 hour) work days; a few early mornings and one late night, which resulted in Daddy taking Amelia to dance class. We are ready for the weekend...TGIF!
Here are some pictures of our week...
Bubbling blowing with Bear
Morning chores, which include multiple breakfast times for Bazzle. This is one of the reasons why Bazzle is gaining weight. Barrett loves to help and Bazzle loves to eat!
Hugs, every morning, regardless of how early it is. The first thing they do, when they both wake up, is hug. It's the sweetest thing!
Coloring inside the lines. This is the first time that Amelia has tried to keep inside the lines and I was so impressed. I love these pictures that are hanging on our display wall!
Dancing the Thursday night away. I had a LONG night at work so I wasn't home to get Amelia to her dance class so Jason had to fly solo. Talk about major mommy guilt...UGH!
Notice the socks with the shoes...oh my. Daddy didn't know she was suppose to take her socks off when she put on her ballet and tap shoes.
White socks and girl is the prettiest little dance I've ever seen!

I'm working from home today because the IT department is resetting our servers and internet might be a little sketchy so that means I can spend some extra time with the kids before the weekend starts. Once 5pm rolls around...our weekend has arrived. Woo hoo!

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