Monday, January 12, 2015

iPhone Dump

*Amelia was dressed head-to-toe in glamor one morning. Braid in her hair, earrings, a ring, a princess dress and makeup. She was pretty adamant about her look .....all before 7:30am.
*We allow the kids to eat suckers occasionally but we almost always make them eat them in the bath because of how messy they can be. Barrett had a blue sucker the other day. See why we make them eat them in the bath?
*Amelia had a class at the library on Saturday and it focused on Health and Safety. She loves being around other kids and she is always eager to learn. She started out in the back of the room with the other kids...
and then she slowly inched her way to the front during the story. She kept raising her hand and responding "I do" when asked who eats vegetables and fruits, who wears a helmet while wearing a bike and how plays in the street with cars. There were moments that I wanted to curl up in a ball, but God love her, she is my child. Eager to learn and eager to please.
She was so proud to get a new book about police officers and to ride the elevator. Sweet little lady!

*Saturday night, mom and myself, were invited to a Pampered Chef party. Jason was post-call and we needed some girl time so we left the kiddos with Jason. We were all worried that the kids would be a nightmare. Neither one had napped and Barrett was so sick but when we got home, this is what we saw.
*I'm reading this book and it's so good. I might have to re-read it to really have the words soak in but I can relate (good and bad) to every chapter in this book. I think it's a must read!

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