Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just A Little Scare

Life has been so great lately but we've also been right in the middle of some scary medical stuff too. Jason's attending was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and two months later, she passed away. Young, two young boys and taken away entirely too soon. I think this death really spurred the people that she worked with to care about their health a little bit more.
While we were on vacation, Jason decided to schedule a routine physical (it's been close to 8 years) and while they were talking, the doctor noticed his big toe. 
Jason has had something wrong with his big toe (some sort of fungus or something) for awhile but the medicine to fix the infection can be rough on your liver. Blood work is required to follow liver function throughout the treatment. Jason was pretty serious about getting it cleared up, so he got his first labs. He would need blood work every month after, until the medication was gone.
His first set of blood work (without having started the medicine) showed that his liver enzymes were higher than normal. Cue slight freak out.
He started analyzing each of the tests and trying to figure out what could cause his high levels.
The doctor called while he was working and said wanted to do another panel, another set of blood work, as well as an ultrasound of his liver. WHAT?! 
Oh...and did I mention that Jason told me about the second set of tests via text at 2am this morning? He was on call and I couldn't sleep so I texted him. I was expecting to just have small talk but he dropped the bomb on me. I was wide awake, crying, praying, tossing and turning.
I finally decided to go and get the kids. I needed to snuggle. I needed to have my kids by my side. They are good for my soul....so good!

Fast forward to 7:30am.
Jason walks in the house and says that he got his second blood panel and the results should be back today. He scheduled his ultrasound for Friday morning, before he goes into work. We talked through some things, we prayed and I headed to work.
His blood work was in by noon and everything came back normal. Praise the LORD!
The ultrasound is still scheduled so we are still praying that that comes with no concern.

Prayers for his ultrasound would be appreciated.

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