Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Laughing Out Loud

Just in case you need a laugh today. The kids are at such a fun age...they are constantly doing things that make us stop and laugh. Thought you might enjoy....

Amelia was in the bathtub the other night and said "This bathtub is going to be so heavy when we have to move it to Cleveland" I love how she is always thinking!

Barrett has developed a routine each evening where he will tug on Jason's shoes until he removes them and then he proceeds to pull on his socks until they are off his feet. He gets so aggravated with Jason's socks that he is grunting, groaning and tugging until his sock loosens and he falls on his bottom. This happens every night that Jason is home.

Amelia and Nannie watch The Price is Right some days and anytime that anyone has the option to win a car, the two girls scream. Well, one day a woman had the option to win a hatchback car (apparently it looked like a van). Nannie started screaming and Amelia didn't. She looked at Nannie and said, "We don't cheer if they win a van. We only cheer if they win a car."

With Amelia's birthday party next month, we bought her a little calendar from the Dollar Tree that she can see how close her birthday is getting. She marks off the calendar square each day and she gets so excited and says, "My birthday is getting so close. I'm getting so excited." as she proceeds to cheer and hop around the house. 

Amelia has learned the "stink eye" know that look that you give something or someone when you aren't happy? She'll squint her eyes and get a stern look on her face (while trying not to laugh) and then she'll run over and touch her squinty eye on her arm and say "I gave you the stink eye". She is so literal that she thinks when you give someone the stink eye, that you have to touch them with it. This is her "stink eye" face...HA!

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