Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Move Update: January

Life is going to get crazy in the upcoming months and I want to document the good, bad and the ugly of moving to another state for the last chapter of our medical training journey. 

We met with a realtor one evening this month, so when March rolls around we can list our house. He was impressed with our neutral walls and the feel of our house. Our house isn't extravagant but I think we do a good job of cleaning, organizing and keeping the clutter to a minimum. After talking with him, we decided that we didn't want to try and sell it outright but that we would work with him and his company, For Sale By Owner Plus. The commission isn't crazy but we would still be able to get our house marketed to the public.The house will officially be on the market mid-March.

Since we are putting the house on the market in March, we have a few small projects that we want to complete. We want to touch up some rooms and repaint the bathrooms, trim, banister and handrails. We need to go through the kitchen and pack away the items that aren't necessities so that our cabinets look spacious and then we need to do a deep clean throughout the house. I've already organized the closets, so I have just a few more areas and then we'll be done de-cluttering.

Jason has about 10 things, out of the original 30 that was given to him, to complete before all of his paperwork for the Cleveland Clinic is ready to be reviewed. Some of the items will get completed when we go back to Cleveland to look for a place to live this spring. I think we'll both be relieved when all of that is completed.

I'm still talking to my supervisor about my position. I know that I won't get to keep the same job because I'll be in another state but I do think there are some projects that I could work on while I'm in Cleveland. Right now, he seems to agree with me. I'm hoping that everything works out and that I can keep my job for the year we are there...a steady paycheck, not having to search for work and being able to keep all my sick/vacation/personal days seem too good to be true.

We have two residents that want to look at the house the end of February, right before we put it on the market, to see if it would be a good fit for them. I know that our house will go to the perfect family...it will be a bittersweet day when we move.

Since we are moving around June 12th and Jason doesn't start in Cleveland until July 1st, we are planning a trip to Missouri for a week. Jason will have to study for his boards but he'll have evenings and weekends to enjoy with family. Not sure on the exact dates but just knowing this, is motivating to get through these next couple of months.

More will be happening in the upcoming months, but these are things that are currently going on.
Life is about to get interesting!

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