Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Weekend...In Bullet Points

  • On Friday night, we took the kids to Red Robin. Their fries and their milkshakes have my kids begging to go there. The adults don't really seem to mind either. HA!
  • The Toys R Us in Harrisburg is going out of business so everything that they have is on sale. I stopped by there to see what they had and everything was marked down 70-80%. Amelia is big into "blind bags" (bags that have a theme but it's a surprise which character she'll get) and they had some new ones that I thought we could try. They are called trashies and they are all germ themed. She gets these when she sleeps in her bed all night.
  • We cleaned the house...the amount of salt and pebbles from the snow/ice was driving me crazy. Barrett is at a fun age where he wants to help and be involved in chores and tasks. He loved cleaning the floors and I thought he looked adorable in his pajamas.
  • We took a lot of baths because the 24-hour stomach bug decided to hit our house again. Poor Amelia can't seem to catch a break this winter.
  • I had off on Monday for MLK and we were going a little stir crazy. We went to the grocery store for a few things. Amelia loved pushing the cart around the store. It's crazy to think she's tall enough to push the small carts around AND not hit anything.
  • We also had to wash a few blankets and our comforter so we had to take them to the laundry mat. The last time I tried to wash our comforter in our washer, it wasn't pretty. While we waited for it to finish, we stopped to get a biscuit with cheese from McDonalds.
  • We ended Monday night with a yummy dinner, some cleaning/organizing and playing in the bean sensory box. Barrett loves his beans but he refuses to sit beside it. HA!
  • I did a lot of cleaning/organizing because we have a realtor coming to look at the house this week to see what we need to do to get the house ready to sell. The move is getting closer.

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