Sunday, January 25, 2015

Smiles, Tights and Tutus

On Thursday, Amelia went to her first dance class. She's been asking to go to dance for awhile now but most places have an age requirement of 3 years old. Since she's less than a month away from 3, I started doing some research for ballet classes. She was pretty adamant that she wore a tutu!
We really wanted to find a place that teaches dance but that also makes it fun and relaxed. After some referrals, I'm pretty sure that we found the perfect fit for Amelia.
She was so excited on Thursday--she has waited for this day for weeks!!
This is the best picture I could get...she was so excited to show off her tutu. 
I was a little nervous when we got there because she seemed a little shy and reserved but once the class filled up with other little girls in tutus, my girl was in heaven.
The teacher is awesome, energetic and Amelia really responded well to her direction. I was so proud to watch her dance!
They worked on ballet moves, tap moves and then had some time to do freestyle. Amelia was all smiles, and giggles, the entire time! I'm excited to see her learn more moves, gain her confidence and see how many tutus she can collect over the next few months!

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