Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Day: First Of 2015

Monday afternoon and into Tuesday morning, we were hit with another storm. They were calling for a much larger amount than we actually received but our school closed and I got a snow day with the kids. I had to head into work (before they canceled) and our roads hadn't been plowed yet.
Tuesday (the snow day) was library day. I love to go with them to the library because they enjoy showing me all the books and the train table. They had story-time so I got to meet Ms. Ellen and learn all about bears. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire time...watching them interact with other kids, learning about bears and constantly turn around to see if I was watching them was too much sweetness for this mama to handle. I didn't get any pictures of them during story!

Before we headed to the library, I wanted to clean the house. I vacuumed the house, did laundry and tried to straighten up. While we were cleaning, Bazzle and Muzzy were sleeping. They don't get much blog love anymore so I had to get a picture. YES, Bazzle has gained weight. He has a new little friend, named Barrett, that loves to share his food.
We finished off the second half of the day with a nap, some fun selfie action, dinner, bath and a finger puppet craft.
I love being home with the little ones, especially when it's unexpected. They are so much fun right now and I love interacting with them and their sweet imaginations.

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