Monday, January 5, 2015

The Last Days Of Vacation

The last few days of our vacation were a little more relaxed. We stayed close to home, took naps, watched movies and tried to enjoy each other as much as possible. We bit the bullet and finally gave in to Chuck E Cheese. Amelia has been asking to go for awhile and since the weather is so cold, we thought they would enjoy some room to run around and play some games.
Barrett was overdue for a nap, so he was cranky. I'm pretty sure that I held him the entire time.
Amelia loved all the games but the rides took most of our tokens. The adults might have snuck a few tokens for Skee Ball..HA!
The weather has been pretty warm for this time of year (40s) so when there was a day with sun in the forecast and we bundled up and headed to the nearest walking trail. Amelia insisted on pushing one of her was pretty sweet!
We went to breakfast at one of our favorite diners, which led to a jelly stacking competition. Amelia took the gold with 14 jelly containers.
We had a Star Wars marathon (actually only movies 3 and 4) and the kids crashed long and hard! They took over most of the couch in the basement and I had to snap a picture.
We made brownies with the help of two little ones (clothing was removed because they were eating more batter than they were mixing)
We went to Chocolate World before the Christmas decorations were removed and made silly faces (Amelia's request) in front of the Christmas tree and then went on the tour ride and squished in the front seat so Amelia could be "by herself" in the back seat.
Snuggled and explored on any cell phone that Barrett could find. He has no figured out how to open them, find the app that he wants to play but that dang home button is too tempting so most of his games end shortly after they open.
We finished out our vacation watching Daddy Daycare, eating fruit chews and playing basketball in the house. I thought that after 12 days of being home I would have been ready to go back but last night when I was getting things ready for today, I was dreading it.
It was so nice to function as a normal family: cook dinners together, have help around the house and to have conversation throughout the day.
Our last days of 2014 were definitely some of the best!

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