Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Now that January is almost over, the weather has decided to get cold and bring snow our way. Friday afternoon the snow rolled into town, dropped about 3 inches and then stayed friggin' freeze!
 After we shoveled, we made our first snowman of 2015. The snow took us off guard so we didn't have proper snowman accessories. We are better prepared more rocks and wonky branches!
Most of our Saturday was spent inside with the kiddos. Barrett is now into kisses and pizza...HA!
We spent nap time downstairs watching Star Wars. Barrett made it about two minutes into the movie and we had to threaten Amelia multiple times that we were going to turn it off if she didn't rest her eyes. I think she made it about an hour into the movie and she LOVED every second of it!
Once we woke up from our nap, the sun was shining so bright that we decided to get out of the house. We all needed some fresh air and the sun had melted a lot of the snow around the neighborhood. Walks are our family's does something fierce to our moods! Amelia loved crunching through the snow, with her hat in her hand.
We finished out our Saturday with leftovers and preparing for the next winter storm.
Sunday we went to church, came back home so the kids could nap and then went back to church to help them move some furniture. Our church is remodeling and they needed some help with sound stage. We left church and realized the kiddos were still sleeping, so we went out on a quick movie date. Sometimes impromptu dates are the best!
Our weekend was pretty low-key due to the weather. It's a new week and we have a few more winter storms blowing our way so I'm curious to see how our week pans out.

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