Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Amelia!

Amelia didn't just get a birthday this year...she got a birthday week. We decided to start the festivities on Sunday afternoon because Jason was working late on Monday, which was her actual birthday.
She got one present...she chose the biggest one (of course) and we had cupcakes from the market.
 I think we had to sing "Happy Birthday" about four times so she (and Bear) could blow out the candle. I think she practiced enough to be a professional candle blower by the time that her birthday party rolls around.
Sunday afternoon we had our first experience with the movie theater. We drove by the theater after church and Amelia seemed interested in watching the new Spongebob movie. We don't have cable so she's never watched an episode but she was pretty adamant and I wanted some popcorn so we had a Mommy/Daughter date.
We only lasted about 40 minutes before she was bored and asked to go home. I'm not a fan of Spongebob so I was more than happy to leave. I was pretty proud of my girl...I love watching her experience new things!
This morning was Amelia's birthday so she got to open another present when she woke up. She chose the next biggest package (surprise, surprise). Her excitement level was rising with every rip of the paper and it was so much fun to watch.
She got Doc McStuffins dress up clothes and she instantly had to put it on to show off all of her goodies.
She had a great day with Nannie and Barrett--so many people called and talked to her! When I got off work, she requested Chipotle (she calls it Poltchee) in Hershey. Both the kids love eating at Chipotle because they love to watch the traffic!
We finished the night with some frozen yogurt and a lot of giggles. Her birthday party is coming up so this was just the pre-game to Saturday. She's so excited...she can't wait!
Excited to have a fun, birthday-filled week with our three year old!!
Happy Birthday, Amelia Jean!

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