Monday, February 2, 2015

SAMs, Snow & The Superbowl

After a long day on Thursday, our internet was acting up at work so I got to work from home on Friday. Our weekend consisted of the three S's. My little ones wandered around SAMs with me in their pajamas. They wanted to hold hands as we walked down the aisles. I LOVE to go to SAMs right when they open because we pretty much have the store to ourselves and the kids think that is pretty cool.
We brought in the water table and filled it with snow for some playtime while I had to do a little work. We invited some friends over for dinner on Friday evening so as soon as dinner was the crockpot, we had the rest of the day to play (and work).
Friday night was great. We had a fun night with some friends, kept the kids up way past their bedtimes and we didn't have any major meltdowns...success in our books!
Saturday we had a special visitor, did a few house touch-ups, went to Target and sent out Amelia's birthday invitations. Our special visitor was Ms. Lacey and baby Kai...Amelia was in love with him!
Sunday was the first day of February, church, nap and then a Superbowl party at one of Jason's colleagues house. Each person was asked to bring a savory and sweet dip and then we would go around and vote for the best. OMG...some of the best dips I have tasted. There were so many dips that I will be getting recipes for!
The kids came with us and they were smitten with Ollie, their dog. They were nervous and scared at first but then they warmed up to him as the night went along. Barrett couldn't get enough of the puppy and Amelia kept calling him "Marley"

We drove home from the Superbowl party in the middle of a snow blizzard and I was secretly hoping for a ton of snow so I could stay home on Monday. We only got about 1.5 inches and a ton of slush so I had to go in to work. Blah.
Monday morning was full of makeup and pampering. Amelia loves getting ready with me each morning. How sweet does she look?!  You can't see her 6 hair clips but trust me, they are there. She makes mornings a little bit better with her fashion tips.
We had a great weekend together and we're looking forward to the week! We have a lot of fun things planned this week: date night, dance class, hair cut and maybe a special visit to Chocolate World.

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