Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day: 2015

Our Saturday morning started off with our special surprises. The kids were dying to get their hands on their bags and their balloons. Jason was post-call (he got off at 7a) and as much as I tried to delay them opening their bags, I couldn't hold them off.
They each got a book--Amelia got a Star Wars book (she LOVES the movies) and Barrett got Thomas the Train (he LOVES anything that resembles a train).
They also got a lot of Dollar Tree finds--candy, stickers, inflatable swords, glow sticks and a balloon.
We enjoyed pink-filled breakfast--pink cinnamon rolls and strawberries was on the menu.
We spent the rest of the morning playing with our Valentine's Day gifts--it was definitely a nice and relaxed morning.
The rest of the day was filled with grocery shopping, naps, play dough making and dinner preparation. We wanted to have an extra special dinner for Jason since he had a rough day (and night).
So glad that I have three loves in my life...they mean so much to me! 

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