Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I'm Into

Right now there are a few things that I can't go a day without and I thought I would share some of them, just in case you need a few things to add to your daily routine.

Every morning, first thing I do is put a mouthful of organic coconut oil in my mouth. The oil is in it's solid state but the second that it hits my warm mouth, it turns into liquid.
I swish it around in my mouth for 20 minutes (I shower, do my hair and my makeup) and then I spit it out. Oil pulling is suppose to help pull out toxins, clean and whiten your teeth and freshen your breath. I'm makes my mouth feel so clean and the coconut makes my mouth feel fresh!
As soon as I shower, I put on my Fitbit. I love to keep track of my steps, my heart rate and challenge with my friends throughout the day/week. It's crazy how a simple bracelet can give me encouragement when I feel like being lazy. Jason just got one too so it's funny to healthy battle my husband...sometimes it seems a little unfair considering his profession and mine.

I have also developed a love for a podcast called "Serial"--it's a podcast that explores a murder mystery in multiple episodes. The woman who does all the speaking is so soothing and the information is very interesting. It makes long drives and walks so much more tolerable! I typically listen to Pandora but this podcast is a great break in my usual stations.

Quiet moments. God forces me to slow down--pretty much every morning on my way to work (hectic mornings are pretty much a guarantee).
The train by our house is almost always crossing the tracks at 7:30am and I'm almost always forced to slow down, breathe a little deeper and have some time to do nothing.
Sweet little loves. My routine always includes these two sweeties and I love it. Smiles, silly faces and kisses almost always happen on my way out the door. I can always count on some extra lovin' before I leave and then for them to be up in the front window waving and blowing kisses while I back out of the driveway.
Just a few things that I'm "into" these days. Every day is new but these things stay pretty constant throughout my routine.