Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Heart

These sweet little faces make my life so much more fun, exciting, stressful, silly, busy and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.
These two have my heart, my whole heart.
I can't help by smile as I scroll down...they are just the sweetest. 
My little loves are so full of life and love...I'm so thankful that I have these two in my life.
My heart is beyond full and happy!

Amelia's First Dentist Appointment

Now that Amelia is three years old, our pediatrician suggested that she start going to the dentist. We kept putting it off but after watching a Daniel Tiger episode about the dentist, she asked to go.
I wanted her to go to a  pediatric dentist because I thought that they would be more fun than a regular dentist but after seeing how good she cooperated, I think she can go to our dentist. She did amazing!
She was pretty nervous beforehand but once we got there, she did great.
The dentist wasn't sure how much he would be able to do, since this was her first time, but he was able to get in the whole exam and even get her teeth polished.
Her dentist was praising her for keeping her teeth so nice and clean. Before we left, she got to pick out a toothbrush, some fun dino flossers, a tattoo and some stickers....she was in heaven!
The past couple of days has been filled with new experiences and she has handled them like a champ.
So proud of my sweet girl! Another big girl thing marked off the list. Three is proving to be a great year for our Amelia Jean!

Soccer Shots

Amelia had her first soccer practice this weekend. Due to the freezing temperatures, practice was moved indoors. We signed her up for Soccer Shots versus a league team because we wanted her to learn to love team sports and to practice listening to her coaches.
Here are a few pictures from the practice! So, so proud of my girl for trying something new and having a great time!
A few funny things that I don't want to forget about the practice:
1-They had to practice dribbling the ball through cones (volcanoes) and Amelia would kick a little and then catch it with her hands, even though hands aren't allowed. She didn't want her ball to pop so she was ensuring that she had control of her ball at all times.
2-She loves to watch the other kids. A lot of times when the ball was being passed back and forth, she would get distracted and forget that she needed to do something. **Just like her daddy!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Moving Update: March

This month was packed full of housing details. A lot of emails were sent and received...

The first day that our house was on the market was March 3, 2015. Our realtor came and took pictures of the house and posted it on the market later that evening.

We had our first showing on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 1p-2p.

Our first offer was on Sunday morning (from the family that looked at the house on Saturday). We negotiated slightly with the move-in-date and we accepted an offer on Monday, March 9, 2015.

We have a closing date of May 27th, which means that we will move the weekend of May 23rd.  Ten and a half weeks...oh goodness.

The inspection was on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The inspector found no issues and no termite damage so we moved one step forward.

We went to Cleveland the weekend of March 14th to find a rental home. After hitting a few road blocks, I think we found our home. We put in an application on Monday, March 16th. Our application was accepted on Monday, March 23rd. We now have to work on signing the lease and we'll have our own place!

The appraiser for our house came on Monday, March 23, 2015. He took pictures of the house and was gone ten minutes later. On Monday, March 26, 2015 we were told that the appraisal went well and no updates are needed.

 We signed our contract for our home in Cleveland on Thursday, March 26, 2015. Our realtor says we will now be working with the landlord directly for some of the last minute details. So excited to have a house!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Egg Hunt In Hershey

Saturday morning was the annual Easter egg hunt at Shank Park in Hershey.
Just a side note but Hershey has so many fun and free activities for families...it's so nice to live in such a family-friendly community.
We woke up Saturday to a few snow flurries but as the morning continued on, the snow kept coming down. It would come down so hard and fast at times and then it would just slow down to a flurry. We knew that we would be hunting eggs in the snow...not exactly how I pictured the egg hunt for 2015.
The eggs were scattered in a big open field at the park. Not sure you can see all the eggs because of the snow but there were TONS of them. 
Before they started the festivities, the Easter bunny rode in on a fire truck to interact with all the kids.
The park split up the egg hunt into age groups so each kid was given a chance to collect eggs without being trampled. Barrett's group was first and he was ready to go for the eggs!
The eggs were filled with Hershey's candy, gift certificates and prizes. Barrett was so proud of his eggs...he didn't really care what was in them. As soon as he finished, Nannie took him to the car to warm up and enjoy some of his treats...it was freezing!
Amelia was in the second group and she was ready to get her hands on some eggs. Jason and her made a game plan to run to the back of the field and then work their way to the front. As soon as they said "go", we took off running to the back of the field.
She loved shaking each egg to try and guess what was inside. She ended up getting tons of candy and about 5 prizes from the prize box.
Thank goodness that our little ones were in the earliest starts because we were about frozen by the time that we finished. We went home and warmed up with some hot cocoa!
We had a great morning hunting eggs, eating our candy and playing with all of our prizes.
The real reason for Easter is not all about the eggs and the egg hunts but that we have a Savior that died and rose again. He lives and that's such a fun and exciting thing to pass on to our little ones.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring: Snow And Sunshine

Life has been pretty uneventful here lately. We've made some progress with our housing for Ohio and our house in Hershey has gone through all the hoops so now we wait until closing.
The last week we had snow, sunshine and we welcomed spring so the coming weeks will be filled with more outside play and fun outings!
Here is what we were up to this week:
 It snowed on the first day of spring...yep, you read that correctly. Some places got up to 5 inches but we were only hit with 1-2 inches.

Amelia started her second round of dance class, per her request. We enjoy seeing her follow direction from the instructor and interact with kids her age...the dancing part and the cute clothes are just an added bonus!
I've really been trying to include the kids when I cook. Barrett prefers to stir and lick the spoon but Amelia is helpful when I ask her to add things or to assemble. We had pizza one evening so she helped with the toppings.
Jason was on call this past weekend (when will it end?!) so we took the kids to a fun museum that focuses on imagination play so he could get some rest. Amelia really liked the house section--they even had small couches, chairs, tables and beds. Barrett liked the diner and the construction room.
The weather has been sunny and in the 40s so we've been trying to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. It has been a brutal winter so even temperatures in the 40s feels amazing. I love having a playground so close to our house...it makes our evenings so much more eventful and fun!
Jason is off this weekend and the weather will be a little on the chilly side so we'll have to get creative with where we explore!
We have a few more things that we want to see before we move so maybe we can mark one off our list this weekend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Update

I know I constantly say that things are crazy but they truly are and they seem to be getting a little crazier with each passing week. I know that the word crazy often accompanies a lot of the words in our vocabulary right now (ie. graduation, selling a house, moving to a new state, finding a rental house, last-minute appointments, packing) but I think that we are handling the crazy pretty good.

Right now....
Jason is working on his application requirements for his Ohio license. There are about 5 different pieces that must be completed before it's complete. We mailed out the 18 page application last week, this week he got his fingerprints done and then the last step should be done next week with a notary. His time at Hershey is winding down and there is a lot of focus on his final research project, which was submitted for publication earlier this month. Edits will need to be done but he's feeling really good about the project and the fact that they want to publish it.  He's studying for his first set of boards, which he'll take in July and trying to organize his summer vacation so he can enjoy family but get some good study time under his belt.
He's also been talking with a few hospitals about contract details so he can have a better idea where he wants to work, long-term. The possibilities are endless, which is a GREAT thing but it's also a little overwhelming.  A lot of conversation has started with "Where do we want to live?"

I am working on solidifying my job description for the position that I will transition to once we move to Cleveland. My work is allowing me to keep, but alter, my position so that I can do my work remotely. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders because I won't have to be job searching along with everything else that is going on. I'm also working closely with two realtors in Cleveland to find a rental house for our family. Right now, we've gone there twice and found two potential homes. We've started an application on one of the homes but are trying to keep our eye out for more, just in case. Our house here has sold so I've been working closely with our realtor to make sure that we are responding to emails in a timely manner. The closing date is May 27th so we are almost there. I have a 5k run coming up in May so I have to work on my running (as soon as the weather decides to STOP snowing!)

Amelia is three and she is morphing into a little lady in front of our eyes. Some days she walks around the house using kind words and manners and other days, not so much. She loves her "bubby" (she recently started calling him this) and she is very protective of him and his feelings. She enjoys playing restaurant, cashier and any other type of imaginative play that she can come up with throughout the day. Star Wars is probably her most requested movie (thanks, Jason). She is in dance and soccer--she loves being with other kids! She knows that we are moving and some days she will express her dislike that fact that we won't be living the in the same house in Hersheytown. We try to let her know that we're taking everything in the house but the house will be going to a new family but I don't think she fully understands.

Barrett is eighteen months and he is known as "wild man". He is always exploring, taking risks, running and jumping through the house. He has the sweetest little personality with a little bit of a flare. He's starting to get really vocal and his vocabulary is really expanding. He is learning to communicate really well with us. He loves trucks, trains and balls. He's usually pushing a truck around the room making a vrooom sound. He loves to be outside and he loves Bazzle. That pup is Barrett's little buddy. He's always around and Barrett wouldn't have it any other way. He's a little bit of a picky eater...he doesn't enjoy meat or mashed potatoes. He still loves to rub our hair when he's going to sleep and he immediately wants "Me Me (Amelia)" when he wakes up.

We're so thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that we have going on right now and we are really making an effort to enjoy the now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

iPhone Dump

The past week has brought nicer weather along with each day. I'm hoping that winter is done and that spring rolls in quickly behind. We've had a few evenings that were warm (and light) enough to go around the block. We love getting out as a family! I'm pushing an empty stroller because the kids refuse to stop walking. Amelia has her stroller with an Easter basket full of eggs attached to it. HA!
Our realtor came by and put a SOLD  sign on the larger display sign in our yard. We've completed the inspection and everything came back great. Next on the list is the appraisal.
The kids have had stomach bugs for the last week. Barrett fell asleep on me one morning and I had to get a picture of my sweet boy. We've been restricting diets and keeping plenty of fluids in him but he can't seem to keep any of it down.
Amelia frequently asks to come to work with me, so one Friday I let her. She thought she was big stuff with her drink, her snacks and her iPad. She loves my team members and interacting with them. She loves getting to have some special time with me at work.
We went to Cleveland last weekend to look for a rental home. Our stressful day of house searching ended up at a restaurant called "Melt" where we ate grilled cheese sandwiches as big as our faces. We will definitely be visiting this restaurant again!
Barrett has finally figured out the selfie feature on the cellphones. My phone is the only one without a screen lock so the little guy filled up my photo albums with about 30 pictures that all look the same. Love these little surprises that I find each morning!
Sorry for another iPhone dump post but things have been so crazy. Work is busy, the to-do list is huge with the house, the rental house, our contracts, the stomach bug that has hit our house hard for the past week and all the other things that go into our day-to-day routine.

Monday, March 9, 2015

PA State Museum

On Sunday, the State Museum in downtown Harrisburg was having their 'Charter Day' where they waive the admission fee. We had a house showing that day so we made a trip to the city so the kids could run around for an hour or so.
They have a special area at the museum called the Curiosity Connection and the kids LOVED it.
This little boy saw his big sister go down the slide face first so he refused to go down the slide any other way. Monkey see, monkey do.
The farm section was so cute. They had carrots and cabbage in the ground and apple trees that could be harvested. So creative and a fun way to teach the kids how fruits and vegetables grow.
They also had a farm truck, a house, some tunnels to show how animals can travel, a small "pond" to go ice skating, a school bus and a few other things that were overlooked.
The museum had three floors of historic information, dinosaur bones and so many more areas to explore. We didn't venture passed the kids section and the dinosaur bones We didn't stay long (we only needed to be gone an hour) but the outing was free and fun, which is a win-win in our books.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Day...In March

The snow that was predicted to hit us late Wednesday/early Thursday came in full force. It hasn't snowed that hard or fast all winter. I thought March was suppose to bring in warmer weather but we had a snow day on Thursday. Jason was post-call and my work was cancelled so we had a fun, unexpected, day together. Under all the snow, was a thin layer of ice so it made it hard to get our driveway clean. An unclean driveway means a perfect sledding hill so it was a win-win for the kids.
The sweet smiles, that the snow brings out in our little ones, are priceless. They were so happy and excited to be outside.
Snowflakes on eyelashes, rosy cheeks, snow angels and giggles are some of my favorite things. Today brought all of these things and I'm thankful.