Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Amelia's First Dentist Appointment

Now that Amelia is three years old, our pediatrician suggested that she start going to the dentist. We kept putting it off but after watching a Daniel Tiger episode about the dentist, she asked to go.
I wanted her to go to a  pediatric dentist because I thought that they would be more fun than a regular dentist but after seeing how good she cooperated, I think she can go to our dentist. She did amazing!
She was pretty nervous beforehand but once we got there, she did great.
The dentist wasn't sure how much he would be able to do, since this was her first time, but he was able to get in the whole exam and even get her teeth polished.
Her dentist was praising her for keeping her teeth so nice and clean. Before we left, she got to pick out a toothbrush, some fun dino flossers, a tattoo and some stickers....she was in heaven!
The past couple of days has been filled with new experiences and she has handled them like a champ.
So proud of my sweet girl! Another big girl thing marked off the list. Three is proving to be a great year for our Amelia Jean!


Ted Grimmer said...

Thank goodness for Daniel Tiger! Hahaha! I'm glad watching an episode of him go to the dentist helped spark the same dental flame in Amelia. At any rate, kudos to Amelia for receiving positive results on her first dental appointment! I bet you're so proud. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to your family! :)

Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group

Victor Peterson said...

Thanks for writing this up. Finding a good dentist for children is so important. We were fortunate enough to find a great one with our first shot. I have heard so many nightmare stories about how badly the first appointment can go. It sounds like you had a great dentist who was paying attention to how much she could take.

Victor Peterson @ Dr. Farole

Tyler Williford said...

The fact Amelia was so good with her teeth and the dentist praised her will go a long way in making future trips that much easier. He was able to even squeeze in the polishing, which means she really does do an amazing job keeping up with her brushing. Great job with keeping her focused on her teeth being so clean.