Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Barrett: 16, 17 Months

16 Months: 
-Your top two molars popped through on December 22nd. You now have 10 teeth (technically 8 teeth and 2 pointy molar corners)
-You have been medicine free, for acid reflux, for one month.
-You started saying gan (again), down, bite, no, uh oh
- You'll eat just about anything (other than lunchmeat and sliced cheese) but your favorites are strawberries, grapes, green beans dipped in ranch and bagels with cream cheese. You aren't a big meat eater but you sure do love your fruits and veggies.
- You've had a rough month with the cold/flu season. Once you finished getting sick, then you would have a week or so and then get sick again. No fun!
-You will pick your feet up when we go to put you down. You love to be held and you aren't a fan of being put down when you want to be held.
-You love your puppies and anytime you see a dog in a book or on tv, you scream "Baz"
-You call all your shows "Elmo" so we often have to stand you by the TV and let you point to the show you want. Usually, you want Thomas the Train or Mickey Mouse. 

17 Months: 
-You dance, stomp and run through the house when we turn the music on. You try to scream/sing along but it's so funny to watch you move.
-You tell us when you are ready for bed. You'll go and grab your blanket and climb in the chair. Sweetest thing ever.
-You started saying and signing thank you "ank ou"
-You got a nightlight in your room this month. You were showing signs of being scared and it has really helped your sleep habits!
-You got your 11th tooth...bottom left next to the middle two teeth. It popped through on January 26th without much warning.
-You are constantly walking into doors, running into walls and getting a lot of bruises. You are always so focused on where you are heading that you tend to forget to look up.
-You love to help throw trash away, feed the dogs and help with any other chore.
-You love standing on the step stool to wash your hands.
-Your last bottle was on Monday,  February 2, 2015. You were addicted to your bottle (you wanted one before nap and bedtime) so it wasn't an easy break.
-You have developed a temper.
-You can identify and give the sounds for a cow, sheep, bear, goat

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