Sunday, March 29, 2015

Egg Hunt In Hershey

Saturday morning was the annual Easter egg hunt at Shank Park in Hershey.
Just a side note but Hershey has so many fun and free activities for's so nice to live in such a family-friendly community.
We woke up Saturday to a few snow flurries but as the morning continued on, the snow kept coming down. It would come down so hard and fast at times and then it would just slow down to a flurry. We knew that we would be hunting eggs in the snow...not exactly how I pictured the egg hunt for 2015.
The eggs were scattered in a big open field at the park. Not sure you can see all the eggs because of the snow but there were TONS of them. 
Before they started the festivities, the Easter bunny rode in on a fire truck to interact with all the kids.
The park split up the egg hunt into age groups so each kid was given a chance to collect eggs without being trampled. Barrett's group was first and he was ready to go for the eggs!
The eggs were filled with Hershey's candy, gift certificates and prizes. Barrett was so proud of his eggs...he didn't really care what was in them. As soon as he finished, Nannie took him to the car to warm up and enjoy some of his was freezing!
Amelia was in the second group and she was ready to get her hands on some eggs. Jason and her made a game plan to run to the back of the field and then work their way to the front. As soon as they said "go", we took off running to the back of the field.
She loved shaking each egg to try and guess what was inside. She ended up getting tons of candy and about 5 prizes from the prize box.
Thank goodness that our little ones were in the earliest starts because we were about frozen by the time that we finished. We went home and warmed up with some hot cocoa!
We had a great morning hunting eggs, eating our candy and playing with all of our prizes.
The real reason for Easter is not all about the eggs and the egg hunts but that we have a Savior that died and rose again. He lives and that's such a fun and exciting thing to pass on to our little ones.

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