Thursday, March 5, 2015


On Wednesday, I took some time off of work, after an appointment, to spend with the little ones. The snow has made us all develop a bad case of cabin fever so we needed to get out and visit a new children's museum.
We went to Lancaster to the Hands on House and they loved exploring the different areas. I love spending time with the kids at the museum during the week....they can really plan and explore without being ran over by other kids.
There were so many educational areas for them to explore...
A construction site with tubing that carried the foam stones.
A fishing area where you have to measure the fish to decide which ones are too small to keep.
A farm where you have to inspect the eggs to decide if they can be kept or if they should be tossed.
A face painting station (Amelia's favorite)--I think we visited this section 3 or 4 times.
A mail station where you had to gather, separate and then deliver the mail.
A grocery store, snowmen that you could decorate and personalize, a mechanic shop and a dress up area.
The museum had a ton of outdoor things too but because of the snow, we had to pass on that area. The museum was small enough that the kids could run from one thing to another and we could still see them, which was a major plus. Running after two kids can be exhausting.
After spending a couple hours at the museum, we grabbed some lunch and headed back home. The kids had a little nap in the car and we finished out the day getting ready for another snow storm that was scheduled to hit later that evening. 
Love making memories with the Conway cuties!

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