Tuesday, March 17, 2015

iPhone Dump

The past week has brought nicer weather along with each day. I'm hoping that winter is done and that spring rolls in quickly behind. We've had a few evenings that were warm (and light) enough to go around the block. We love getting out as a family! I'm pushing an empty stroller because the kids refuse to stop walking. Amelia has her stroller with an Easter basket full of eggs attached to it. HA!
Our realtor came by and put a SOLD  sign on the larger display sign in our yard. We've completed the inspection and everything came back great. Next on the list is the appraisal.
The kids have had stomach bugs for the last week. Barrett fell asleep on me one morning and I had to get a picture of my sweet boy. We've been restricting diets and keeping plenty of fluids in him but he can't seem to keep any of it down.
Amelia frequently asks to come to work with me, so one Friday I let her. She thought she was big stuff with her drink, her snacks and her iPad. She loves my team members and interacting with them. She loves getting to have some special time with me at work.
We went to Cleveland last weekend to look for a rental home. Our stressful day of house searching ended up at a restaurant called "Melt" where we ate grilled cheese sandwiches as big as our faces. We will definitely be visiting this restaurant again!
Barrett has finally figured out the selfie feature on the cellphones. My phone is the only one without a screen lock so the little guy filled up my photo albums with about 30 pictures that all look the same. Love these little surprises that I find each morning!
Sorry for another iPhone dump post but things have been so crazy. Work is busy, the to-do list is huge with the house, the rental house, our contracts, the stomach bug that has hit our house hard for the past week and all the other things that go into our day-to-day routine.

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