Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Life Lately

These pictures were too sweet to leave out of the blog. Here are just a few of the things that we've been up to...welcome to our crazy, fun world.
*Amelia loves to watch YouTube videos on makeup and then pamper her baby dolls. So sweet to watch her learn new techniques. HA!
*Small hands like to help make muffins. Our favorite muffins to make right now are banana.
*Barrett loves this little section between the couch and the wall. He was hiding back there one evening before bed eating his craisins. He looked so cute in his comfy clothes and his feet kicked up on his book basket.
*Amelia's first movie experience for her 3rd birthday. We enjoyed the popcorn, candy and soda. The movie, Spongebob, wasn't the greatest so we only lasted about 40 minutes.
*The kids wanted a fort in the living room the other day so once the structure was built, they made themselves comfy with a movie.
*Jason was post-call the other day and sent me this picture of the kids on a walk. Notice their gloves. They are both wearing their parent's gloves. So funny.

*Amelia had her 3 year old checkup and they tried to do an eye check with her. She had to do it twice but she eventually figured it out. Everything checked out good. How cute does she look?
*Before her eye check, she was answering all her questions, in the car, by herself. She was so proud and I was beaming watching it all unfold. 
*My littlest one loves snuggles sometimes but I was able to capture a night that he wasn't running around the house like a crazy kid. Snuggling my babies is one of my favorite things!!
*Our house is on the market, boxes are being packed and we're researching homes for us to move into. A lot of our free time revolves around this's a big one!

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