Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Update

I know I constantly say that things are crazy but they truly are and they seem to be getting a little crazier with each passing week. I know that the word crazy often accompanies a lot of the words in our vocabulary right now (ie. graduation, selling a house, moving to a new state, finding a rental house, last-minute appointments, packing) but I think that we are handling the crazy pretty good.

Right now....
Jason is working on his application requirements for his Ohio license. There are about 5 different pieces that must be completed before it's complete. We mailed out the 18 page application last week, this week he got his fingerprints done and then the last step should be done next week with a notary. His time at Hershey is winding down and there is a lot of focus on his final research project, which was submitted for publication earlier this month. Edits will need to be done but he's feeling really good about the project and the fact that they want to publish it.  He's studying for his first set of boards, which he'll take in July and trying to organize his summer vacation so he can enjoy family but get some good study time under his belt.
He's also been talking with a few hospitals about contract details so he can have a better idea where he wants to work, long-term. The possibilities are endless, which is a GREAT thing but it's also a little overwhelming.  A lot of conversation has started with "Where do we want to live?"

I am working on solidifying my job description for the position that I will transition to once we move to Cleveland. My work is allowing me to keep, but alter, my position so that I can do my work remotely. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders because I won't have to be job searching along with everything else that is going on. I'm also working closely with two realtors in Cleveland to find a rental house for our family. Right now, we've gone there twice and found two potential homes. We've started an application on one of the homes but are trying to keep our eye out for more, just in case. Our house here has sold so I've been working closely with our realtor to make sure that we are responding to emails in a timely manner. The closing date is May 27th so we are almost there. I have a 5k run coming up in May so I have to work on my running (as soon as the weather decides to STOP snowing!)

Amelia is three and she is morphing into a little lady in front of our eyes. Some days she walks around the house using kind words and manners and other days, not so much. She loves her "bubby" (she recently started calling him this) and she is very protective of him and his feelings. She enjoys playing restaurant, cashier and any other type of imaginative play that she can come up with throughout the day. Star Wars is probably her most requested movie (thanks, Jason). She is in dance and soccer--she loves being with other kids! She knows that we are moving and some days she will express her dislike that fact that we won't be living the in the same house in Hersheytown. We try to let her know that we're taking everything in the house but the house will be going to a new family but I don't think she fully understands.

Barrett is eighteen months and he is known as "wild man". He is always exploring, taking risks, running and jumping through the house. He has the sweetest little personality with a little bit of a flare. He's starting to get really vocal and his vocabulary is really expanding. He is learning to communicate really well with us. He loves trucks, trains and balls. He's usually pushing a truck around the room making a vrooom sound. He loves to be outside and he loves Bazzle. That pup is Barrett's little buddy. He's always around and Barrett wouldn't have it any other way. He's a little bit of a picky eater...he doesn't enjoy meat or mashed potatoes. He still loves to rub our hair when he's going to sleep and he immediately wants "Me Me (Amelia)" when he wakes up.

We're so thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that we have going on right now and we are really making an effort to enjoy the now.

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