Monday, March 9, 2015

PA State Museum

On Sunday, the State Museum in downtown Harrisburg was having their 'Charter Day' where they waive the admission fee. We had a house showing that day so we made a trip to the city so the kids could run around for an hour or so.
They have a special area at the museum called the Curiosity Connection and the kids LOVED it.
This little boy saw his big sister go down the slide face first so he refused to go down the slide any other way. Monkey see, monkey do.
The farm section was so cute. They had carrots and cabbage in the ground and apple trees that could be harvested. So creative and a fun way to teach the kids how fruits and vegetables grow.
They also had a farm truck, a house, some tunnels to show how animals can travel, a small "pond" to go ice skating, a school bus and a few other things that were overlooked.
The museum had three floors of historic information, dinosaur bones and so many more areas to explore. We didn't venture passed the kids section and the dinosaur bones We didn't stay long (we only needed to be gone an hour) but the outing was free and fun, which is a win-win in our books.

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